A memory of an innocent butterfly in Bita Farhi’s Badrah/A star that always remains a star + photo – rahnam

According to the cultural reporter of rahnam News Agency, the farewell ceremony for the living body of Bita Farhi was held today with the presence of many artists at the cinema house number two located on Vasal Street, and her friends took her to rest next to her mother in plot 79 of Behesht Zahra (S) they did

One of the interesting events in this program was the live performance of Ali Zand Vakili, who has received the attention of virtual channels in today’s rainy weather.

Kourosh Soleimani appeared behind the podium as the vice-chairman of Khana Cinema Actors’ Association and announced the condolences of the Actors’ Association. (Of course, he has collaborated with Bita Farhi in a series.)

A letter written by Masoud Kimiaei reached Bita Farhi’s Badragh ritual and Dariush Farhang read this letter.

After him, Leila Hatami appeared behind the podium and pointed out the moral qualities of this veteran artist; “He was pure and honest. He could express the most private issues and emotions delicately. The main thing was going on with him, without any surprise. I don’t know where Beta’s pride came from. I think it was not pride at all. It was as if he was not aware of this issue at all.

Thinking about Bita Farhi and her expressions brings tears to my eyes. He was a real and thoughtful person. It reminded me of the human condition of “being myself”; When we are really only human and our senses are nowhere else. I think Beta was like that.”

After that, Soheila Razavi appeared behind the podium, and Ali Dehkordi, CEO of Khana Cinema, also used the phrase that “a star is always a star and always stays in the sky. He was an incomparable star that was in the sky and will stay in the sky”.

Of course, the death of Parvaneh Masoumi was also mentioned in this program, which Ali Dehkordi stated: “We had not yet digested the news of her death that we lost Mrs. Masoumi, who was present in lasting works.”

Finally, the artist’s daughter made a point and the body was transferred to Behesht Zahra (PBUH) for burial.

Farrokh Nemati, Dariush Farhang, Leila Hatami, Shahreh Soltani, Ali Dehkordi, Manouchehr Shahsawari, Manzar Lashkari, Andisheh Foladvand, Bahareh Afshari, Setare Eskandari, Laleh Eskandari, Soheila Razavi, Korosh Soleimani and… were among those present in this ceremony.

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