Vice President: The third role model of Iranian Muslim women should be shown in movies – rahnam

Ansieh Khazali, Vice President for Women and Family Affairs, in an interview with the cultural reporter of rahnam news agency, emphasizing the necessity of showing the full role of Iranian Muslim women in cinema and television, stated: One of the things that the Supreme Leader has emphasized is addressing The third model is the Iranian Muslim woman who is successful in all aspects of her personal and family life and has a good social presence which complements her family life.

Referring to the weak representation of women in cinema and some films, the vice president stated: the view of women in filmmaking sometimes shows a woman who is weak in one or more aspects of her life and a strong character that many of our women have. They have it and resist the problems of life, it is not shown.

Mentioning that we have very good examples of successful women in the country, Khazali pointed out: The women of our country had an active and lively presence during the imposed war, as well as in the period after the holy defense and even during the embargo. So that many achievements in the fields of science and technology are the result of the efforts and efforts of women scientists who have not neglected the field of family and are considered good wives and mothers in the family.

He stated: It is necessary to show these women in the frame of the films and address them so that our young and teenage girls know that their mothers and the women of their land are strong, intelligent and capable people.

The Vice President of Women and Family Affairs stated: This is despite the fact that sometimes in the frame of television and cinema, women are shown who are sometimes pretending and at the same time have weak personality and are not able to properly analyze issues and events.

Khazali reminded: This representation of Iranian Muslim women is a weak and incomplete show that cannot reflect all aspects of the personality and abilities of our women. At the same time, it has a wrong and far from the truth message for the society that women are weak and incapable.

He emphasized on presenting a real image of the women of our country and said: We present the face of the people and society in the international arena through our media, therefore, in the situation where we are in a mixed and cultural war, it is necessary to represent the face of women. Let’s act stronger and introduce the progress made by this section of society to the world.

The vice president stated: We have many figures in the country who are the symbol of the third model and are successful in various dimensions of life and even in many situations, there are women who shoulder the responsibility of their husbands and husbands in the family, which is an example. It can be seen in the lives of the wives of veterans and martyrs that they support their children in the most difficult situations and have an active presence in the social arena.

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