The suspicious days of arbitration and the empty promises of Afsharian/ What was the basis for the prediction of the head of the referees committee? – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, Iran’s football refereeing has had a busy and confusing week. The days that began with the appearance of Khodadad Afsharian in the program “Top Football” and his strange statements.

The head of the judges’ committee in this program was completely confused when the issue of changing the age of his son Poriya Afsharian was raised. He even mentioned that 50 referees have changed their birth certificates so far, which created many confusions in the minds of football fans.

In other parts of his speech, he assured that “the 11th week of the Premier League will be one of the best weeks of the 23rd league in terms of reducing refereeing mistakes” and said that he “believes in the referees of this week”. The referees had one of their worst weeks this week, however, with teams seeing impressive mistakes.

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The match between Arak Aluminum and Pikan can be seen as a clear example of “gross refereeing errors” and its impact on the outcome of a match. The second assistant referee of the match, in the extra minutes of the first half, mistakenly assumed that the aluminum striker had blinded the arrow, and rejected the completely healthy goal of the Araki team. This was not the end of the assistant referee’s influence on the result of this match, and he raised his flag wrongly in the scene of Salem Pikan’s goal!

Golgohar’s match against Shams Azar of Qazvin was not without refereeing mistakes and it seemed that Golgohar was awarded a penalty. The match between Sepahan and Esteghlal Khuzestan had many suspicious scenes that the lack of coverage of full images by TV cameras has made it difficult for some refereeing experts to judge these scenes. However, there is a high possibility that Sepahan’s second goal was scored in offside conditions.

This week’s refereeing mistakes are not only limited to men’s football, but can also be seen in the women’s premier league! One of the four goals of the Sirjan municipality team against Isatis Karan Fars was scored in a situation where the ball had already gone out. The municipal players then threw the ball a few meters ahead, and the same ball entered the goal of the representative of Fars province!

Pikan Tehran football team, Aluminum Arak football team, Premier football league, Khodadad Afsharian, Iranian football referees,

There is no doubt that the video assistant referee (VAR) system will go a long way in reducing refereeing errors. However, referees make mistakes in those scenes, where the use of VAR is not felt. For example, the naked eye can tell that the ball has gone a few meters back and should not be thrown forward!

In the week when the head of the referees committee spoke of his confidence in the referees, he himself had to suspend the assistant referee of a match an hour after one of the matches (Aluminum – Pikan) in an unprecedented incident! In a week when the referees do not use any more facilities than in the previous weeks and no training classes were held for them during the 10-day break of the league, how did Afsharian predict the passing score of the referees?

It is clear that the refereeing of football in our country is not in a good mood. The days when the use of facilities such as “headset” and the VAR system have not yet reached the operational stage and the sometimes suspicious referees of the league have to judge the scenes based on their own observations. In the meantime, the members of the teams consider themselves to be affected by the refereeing, sidelining the game, and we continue to witness creating controversy and issuing statements.

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