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According to the rahnam news agency from Bojnord, Bojnord airport with the current area of ​​286 hectares is located in the northeast to the northwest of Bojnord city, which was considered a satellite airport of Shahid Hasheminejad Mashhad International Airport from the time of its operation until 2013, but in 2014 it was an independent airport. It was introduced that due to the formation of the province centered on Bojnord, the flight indicators of the airport such as the number of flight days, the number of flights and the number of passengers have grown significantly.

While in the past years, Bojnord Airport had even between 12 and 14 flights per week, but now it has only three flights per week, which has caused the development of this region despite the many problems in the field of transportation infrastructure, because investment and Economic growth is tied to the development of transportation.

Despite the fact that North Khorasan suffers from the lack of rail and freeway transportation, it has an airport whose flights are canceled with the slightest change in weather, and due to special conditions, it needs special small or medium-sized planes, and the conditions of the embargo double these problems. .

Considering the short distance between the airport and the city of Bojnord and considering the existence of growing flight indicators, the acceptance of air travel by the people of the province and the existence of a suitable investment environment, investors are required to consider and present recreational, commercial, cultural, etc. projects. .

Even though there is no shortage of infrastructure and facilities according to provincial officials, Shahada Bojnord Airport has only one flight route, which requires the government’s support from airlines and investors to continue flights at this airport.

Bejnord Airport has no other flight routes except Tehran and people want to increase the number of flights to various destinations in the country including Kish, Asaluyeh and even Atbat Aliat, but in recent years it has not seen any growth, unfortunately the number of flights has also decreased a lot, which causes people to complain and Officials have been.


Inefficiency of Bojnord airport

Ali Mostofian, Director General of Cultural Heritage of North Khorasan, also stated that tourism is an industry dependent on many factors and the most important of these are rail, air and ground transportation and stated: Unfortunately, the inefficiency of Bojnoord Airport has caused problems for the tourism industry, and the role of the airport is clear. If not, investment will not come for the tourism industry.

He added: Despite the formation of the Northeast Tourism Development Committee, which was established between the northern and northeastern provinces of the country to support the tourism of the pristine areas of this region, and good relations have been established between these provinces, unfortunately, due to the lack of regular flights, we cannot make travel arrangements. Let’s do proper planning.

There is one daily flight from Bojnoord airport

The problems of Bojnord airport are still ongoing and yet the provincial managers are always making new promises. Mehdi Rashidi, the civil deputy of the governor of North Khorasan, regarding the issues and problems of the Shahadai airport in the capital of the province, and especially the lack of flights at this airport, said: relying on the previous follow-ups of the provincial officials, especially the governor, and with the favorable word of the head of the Civil Aviation Organization, we are doing our best. that until the end of November, one daily flight will be made from Bojnord airport.

The Deputy Coordinator of Civil Affairs of North Khorasan Governor said that conditions should be provided for airlines to provide services. Conditions had to be created to persuade airlines to fly in the North Khorasan corridor so that flight cancellations are minimized, and we are trying to provide these conditions.

He continued: “The flight system in the country has declined, but with the follow-ups carried out during the visit of the president to the province, one of the most important approvals of the trip was the allocation of 80 billion tomans for the Shahadai Bojnord airport, which in the last two years has been in the field of construction and the discussion of machinery and completing equipment. This was achieved.

Bojnoord airport is unprofitable

The head of North Khorasan Assembly of Representatives in the Islamic Council also stated that the number of flights has decreased to one-third and stated: Currently, Bojnoord Airport is losing money because it does not have enough flights and its income has somehow decreased.

He said: “Bazarpash has ordered at least one daily flight in Bojnord, and we want this to be operational at the present time and that he should be faithful to his order or at least apologize to the people in this regard.”

In another part of his speech, Vahidi also mentioned the issue of location of Bojnord airport and noted: In the issue of location, it is a specialized issue.

He added: “If Bojnord airport has problems and needs facilities and equipment to be equipped, we can follow up and demand from the parliament, but we cannot comment on the issue of transferring it, because it is an expert issue and relevant experts should be involved in this matter.” .

Vahidi said: But if the transfer of the airport is also discussed, we can help with the budgeting and feasibility processes in this regard.

He clarified: In the construction of Bojnoord airport, public trusts, big industries and related officials helped and they considered land for this, and if there is a logical plan for moving the airport, this cooperation will be formed by people and organizations.

Now, with this situation, it should be seen whether the provincial officials have the ability to fulfill their promises in line with the development of the province, or, as always, this airport will only play a role in transporting passengers with a small capacity.

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