The meteorological organization is not up to date/ the father of meteorology criticized the performance of the weather forecaster – rahnam

Hossein Ardakani, in an interview with the economic reporter of rahnam News Agency, criticized the wrong forecast of the Meteorological Organization and stated: Last year, I predicted the rains of the monsoon system and announced that we will have a lot of rain in Tehran.

He added: “I was very careful. If I say there is a flood in Tehran, everyone will be upset.” That’s why I said that tomorrow night (August 5, 1401) we will have a lot of rain, and the same thing happened. There was no flood in Tehran, but there was a flood in Imamzadeh Dawood (AS).

Stating that it is difficult to predict torrential rains and thunderstorms, he clarified: Of course, if the country’s meteorological organization updates itself, many of its experts’ predictions will turn out to be correct.

In response to the question why the Meteorological Organization does not do this, the meteorologist said: This work requires new information, compassion, commitment, software, algorithms and knowledge-based companies.

Stating that meteorological forecasts are divided into several categories, Ardakani added: 2-hour, 12-hour, 3-day, 5-day, one-week, 15-day, monthly and seasonal forecast. Each of these predictions has its own methods.

By stating that 2-hour and 12-hour forecasts are important, he emphasized: The importance is due to the fact that lightning and lightning phenomena occur in a specific time period. A period of time that is very short but dangerous that in some parts of the world thunder clouds can destroy a city. Of course, fortunately, we have not had such an event in Iran, and partially in 1997 and 1998 in the western regions, when very heavy rains occurred.

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