The IRGC Navy’s warning to the American aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf/ We have video and photos of all the movements – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Bandar Abbas, Rear Admiral Alireza Tangsiri, Commander of the IRGC Navy, congratulated the Army Navy Day and said: My dear comrades in the Army Navy are working day and night for the security of our country, and I congratulate all these brave men on this day.

The Americans are located in the waters of the southern countries of the Persian Gulf

Referring to the resistance that has taken place in the Persian Gulf in recent years, he added: “The enemy somehow escaped from the Persian Gulf and now they have not come back to protect their reputation, and of course they are not present in our waters and do not pass through our waterways. They are located in the waters of the southern countries of the Persian Gulf.

The commander of the IRGC Navy stated that they are not even near the platforms of our continental plateau and are stationed in the waters of the countries south of the Persian Gulf, and they fully respond to the dialogue that our fighters have with them in the region, and any foreign military fleet that is in The Persian Gulf wants to be forced to speak in Farsi, it was titled: This is the Persian Sea and we ask questions and answers from them, and just yesterday when their aircraft carrier entered the Persian Gulf, they answered all our questions and until they entered, a volume They saw our vessels in front of them, they quickly went to the south of the Persian Gulf and traveled in the southern waters of the Persian Gulf and in the waters of the neighboring countries.

Americans should behave rationally in the Persian Gulf

Sardar Tangsiri said: It is wise for the Americans to behave rationally in the Persian Gulf, and we do not have a single case in their visits to the Persian Gulf in recent years that a single person came into our waters, and the Americans, when in the Persian Gulf They themselves know that they are in a bag, the mouth of which is in our hands, and they are completely within the range of our missiles and facilities, and they never try to engage with us or enter into a challenge.

Observing the arrival of the American aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf with IRGC drones

He mentioned the recent arrival of the American aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf in the past few hours and said: We were above them with our drones the other day and we warned that their helicopter should sit down and they emphasized that we are above our own carrier and obeying our orders. they did; We have videos and photos of all their movements, and this time when they entered, they were much more compliant and cooperative than the previous time.

Seizure of enemy ships in the presence of 80 American destroyers

Sardar Tangsiri assessed the presence of the American fleet in the region as only a means of encouraging the other parties and not as a source of authority and said: “The day we captured 10 American aggressors 5 miles from the Persian island, they had 2 aircraft carriers with 150 aircraft and 5 destroyers in the Persian Gulf.” And therefore, their presence is only encouraging for the other side, and we are the inventors of resistance, and we resisted the enemy for 8 years, and the Iranian nation will definitely not bow down to its enemies, and it is not higher than God, and we do not consider anyone higher than God.

He stated: We have had the presence of 3 aircraft carriers and 80 destroyers in the Persian Gulf in the past, and it was during these presences that we seized their various ships. We are the representatives of a great nation that stood against all enemies for 44 years and today is at the end of the power and the enemy knows what we have and what disasters we can bring.

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