The beautiful passion of Haj Mehdi Rasouli in the mourning of Hazrat Zahra (S)/ “The only equal of Mullah Zahra” + movie – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency Zanjan The beautiful passion of Haj Mehdi Rasouli on the occasion of the martyrdom of Hazrat Zahra (PBUH) is passing through your eyes. This program was held in Zanjan’s Tharollah Hayot, next to the Lower Zanjan Martyrs’ Mazar, with the presence of Hosseini youths.

Darkness covers the whole world

We must forget the glory of the sea

If they take Zahra’s love from people

No, Anna is poisoned

The only peer is Mullah Zahra

Appreciate your understanding

Because Anna’s head is poison

It is better than the whole year of Fatimieh nights

No, I am the city of Fatimieh nights

The meaning of happiness in his simple life

The world has become bright with the light of its carpet

Where is my job when God is his lover?


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