Qalibaf announced the amendment of the parliament election law – rahnam

According to the parliamentary group of rahnam news agency, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, Speaker of the Islamic Council, in a letter to President Hojjat-ul-Islam Ebrahim Raisi, announced the law amending paragraph 1 of Article 83 of the Islamic Council Elections Law.

According to the single article of the plan to amend paragraph 1 of article 83 of the Islamic Council Elections Law, at the end of paragraph 1 of article 83 of the Islamic Council Elections Law, the phrase “referring and following up on people’s demands to the executive bodies and legal authorities, as well as following up the affairs of the constituency, is excluded from the scope of this ruling.” Is. “This ruling is effective from the time of its approval.” it will be added.

In paragraph 1 of Article 83 of the Election Law of the Islamic Council, it is stated that, in addition to the crimes listed in other articles of this law, committing the following behaviors in virtual or real space is considered a crime and the perpetrator is punishable by the sixth degree of Article (19) of the Islamic Penal Law, with the exception of Imprisonment and disqualification from volunteering in two periods of parliament representation are condemned:

1- Any direct or indirect purchase and sale of votes or activities and direct and indirect election campaigns through the distribution of items and supplies that are profitable for the recipient, giving cash and non-cash donations to natural and legal persons, public and religious places, delegations and Charitable affairs, granting loans, rewards or privileges from the time of election registration

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