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According to the cultural reporter of rahnam news agency, Naimeh Nizamdoost and several actors of cinema and television announced the death of Parvaneh Masoumi.

He, who had gone to live in Gilan a long time ago, died in Soumesara hospital.

An actor who appeared less often as an actor in series and movies in recent years.

He was born in Tehran in 1323. His name was Sakine Kabodur Anghi. He finished his studies at the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of the National University of Iran. For the first time in 1350, she got a short role in the movie “Beta” and then she played the main female role in “Ragbar” by Bahram Bayzaei.

Perhaps the peak of “Parvaneh Masoumi” games was seen on TV in 1963 with “Chrysanthemum Flowers”. In 1965, she played the role of Khatoon “Nakhoda Khursheed” Nasser Taqvai, a role that shows off the aspects and artistic dimensions of this actress. In 1967, everyone saw the brilliance of Parwaneh Masoumi, and it was “Toubi” by Khosrow Malekan.

But in these years, Masoumi also shined on television along with cinema; Behrouz Afkhami played the role of Javaher and Dawood Mirbaghri played the role of Malik Ashtar’s wife Hajer in “Kochek Jangli” series. In “Ray Passenger” and “Young Police”, another type of acting of this actor appeared in front of the camera. In 1987, Parvaneh Masoumi’s acting power was shown once again in “Youssef the Prophet”.

“Melkot”, “Raz Sehan” and “Mino” are among the last works that this actor has played for television, and now we are waiting for the broadcast of “Shraayt Khas” a comedy and satire on TV, and of course Parvaneh Masoumi has three works that have not been shown in the cinema. that “Reverse” by Polad Kimiaei is going to be screened at the 37th Fajr Film Festival and we are waiting for the screening of “End of Mehr Alley” and “Dweller of Wooden Street”.

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