Major General Bagheri: Our capability in the Caspian Sea serves the security and peace of the region – rahnam

According to the defense reporter of rahnam news agency, Major General Mohammad Bagheri, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, said this morning during the ceremony of the addition of the Dillman destroyer to the Northern Fleet of the Army Navy in Anzali Port: The incident of December 7, 1359 was a major and decisive incident of eight years of battles. It was always in the Persian Gulf and the waters of the Islamic homeland.

He added: The battle during which, in a short period of time and with the unique operations of our country’s navy, the fate of the Baathist navy was complicated and they could not operate in the Persian Gulf for the entire eight-year period of the war.

Sardar Bagheri continued: Today’s incident followed the great mission of the Navy in carrying out a strategic patrol around the globe, which was appreciated by the leader of the revolution and showed that the destroyers made by the youth of our country have the ability to be present in all parts of the world with authority and pride.

The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces stated: The Caspian Sea is a sea of ​​peace and friendship, and we have bilateral, friendly and military relations with all the coastal countries of the Caspian Sea. This destroyer and our other capabilities in the navy in the north of the country serve to calm and secure the commercial fleet and deal with terrorists and possible future incidents and can provide stable and reliable security for all the activities of our nation and neighboring countries in the Caspian Sea.

He further said: The power of deterrence depends on the capability and readiness of the armed forces, and the navy, with its presence in the seas, plays an important role in this power and sustainable deterrence against enemies. The reality of our enemies is what we see in Gaza. The obvious oppression of women and children, which is supported by the criminal America, and the standards of human rights do not stand against this criminal attitude.

The Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces added: “It is the only native power of the Iranian nation that, with its native capabilities, in line with the orders of the Commander-in-Chief, has been able to stand up to the mischief of the enemies and provide reliable security for national activities.”

Sardar Bagheri stated: Today we should appreciate the efforts of the Ministry of Defense and knowledge-based companies. This is a very big thing that happened in the most difficult conditions, because in recent years we are under the most severe sanctions, and in such conditions, the construction of a destroyer at the edge of global technology, where all its parts are made by Iranian craftsmen, gives hope for the future. With the addition of this naval capability in the Caspian Sea, we will have more stable security in the Caspian Sea and more stable cooperation with the countries of this region.

The Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces stated: “Besides the equipment, the human capital is faithful and committed to use this equipment, and for this reason, I am grateful to my comrades in the Navy.” The position of skill training and training in the preparation of this force is a high position, and by the grace of God, there are good training centers in the army navy, and as much as we can, we should conduct the exercises as much and closer to the reality of future battles. More important than weapons is the preparation of manpower, and along with all the educational findings, it is faith, belief, spirit and sacrifice that can provide a suitable weapon for the country from these equipments that appear to be iron and fire.

Bagheri emphasized: I feel it necessary to congratulate the Palestinian people on their valuable victory over the Zionists. The whole world has gathered and installed a usurping regime in the land of Muslims and has committed atrocities and crimes for 75 years. But these people decided to carry out a flawless and strategic surprise operation on October 15.

He clarified: The Zionists announced that they would not accept a ceasefire without the destruction of Hamas, but because of the operational pressure of Hamas, they were forced to accept the ceasefire, but the operational capacity of Hamas remained intact and there was not a single case that the people of Gaza were oppressed. open to complaints, but they always carry the flag of Palestine and the flag of resistance in all pressures and chant the slogan of continuing the struggle until the liberation of occupied Jerusalem. God’s promise is true and the inheritors of the earth will be the oppressed and the righteous, and that day is not late.

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