Decree for decentralization from the capital / fine for government industries whose offices do not move out of Tehran – rahnam

In an interview with the parliamentary reporter of the rahnam news agency, Abolfazl Abu Tarabi, a member of the Councils and Internal Affairs Committee of the Islamic Council, referring to the resolution of the parliament during the review of the bill of the 7th development program of the whole country regarding the transfer of industrial and mining companies with shares of Baitul Mal to the cities where they operate, said: With this resolution, the offices of government companies should be moved from Tehran to the city where the factory is located.

He stated that this decree is aimed at decentralization of Tehran and added: There are many companies and factories whose offices are in Tehran and their managers are flighty and have expensive offices and many employees in Tehran. The location of the company’s production activity is transferred.

The member of the councils and internal affairs committee of the parliament stated that these companies that are in the city were supposed to use the tax exemption to remove deprivation, but this did not happen and the sources and money of this company are in Tehran banks, so the offices of these companies should be located locally. where their factory is located.

Stating that a tax penalty is pending for government industries if their offices do not move out of Tehran, Abu Tarabi said: If the offices of these companies are not moved within one year, they will be fined twice the annual tax, which means that an implementation guarantee is also considered for the implementation of the law.

According to rahnam, this resolution is as follows; The government is obliged to transfer all offices of industrial and mining companies that are state-owned or part of their shares are from the Treasury, from Tehran to the location of the factory or mine in the city. In case of non-transfer, the country’s tax affairs organization is obliged to impose a double annual tax (income tax) on these companies.

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