Arrest of 11 officials in Hormozgan on charges of cooperation with fuel smugglers – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam news agency from Bandar Abbas, Arif Akbari, the general and revolutionary prosecutor of Hormozgan province, said: following the report of the intelligence and security agencies regarding the cooperation of 6 villagers in Bandar Abbas subordinate villages, along with 3 employees of the Samat Department and 2 members of the The engineering system worked with the fuel smugglers, on the order of the judicial authority, to arrest these people.

He pointed out: In the process of judicial investigation, it has been determined that the defendants provided the possibility of receiving fuel without any activity by issuing false certificates to the owners of road construction machines, and in this way, they acted as a deputy in smuggling.

Akbari pointed out that criminal charges have been filed against two trade union officials and added: Criminal warrants have been issued for the arrested defendants and judicial proceedings are still ongoing to identify other aspects of this case and arrest other defendants. The investigation process will be informed later.

The prosecutor of the center of Hormozgan province went on to state that the judicial system’s relentless fight against the manifestations of corruption continues with seriousness and determination. And they are followed until the final result is achieved.

He also pointed to the emphasis of the head of the judiciary in this regard and pointed out: We will not tolerate corruption in any way and the disruptors of this area will be dealt with decisively and without tolerance.

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