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According to the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, Hamid Amani Hamdani, the deputy of budget program coordination and supervision of the country’s program and budget organization, in a meeting with reporters, while pointing out some details of the budget and also explaining the approaches to the budget for 1403, said: this year’s budget is two-stage and according to It has been emphasized that the amendment of the law of the Parliament’s internal regulation has been done, at this stage, the budget figures, which mainly include resources and some expenses, should be presented. According to the organization law, the program was focused on the issues raised in the law to be presented to the parliament and the same were also presented to the parliament.

Why the budget did not go to the parliament on November 1st?

In response to the question why the budget went to the parliament later, Amani said: According to paragraph AAmendment of Article 182 of the internal regulations of the Islamic Council, the ceiling of resources of the general government budget and its main components, resources from the sale of oil and gas, resources from the transfer of shares, etc., operating capital and financial balances of the general budget of the government, assumption of resource estimation and The budget expenses must be presented to the parliament by the first of November.

He added: The government was ready to report this collection by the first of November. However, due to the fact that the process of reviewing the 7th bill took a long time and according to the law of the internal regulations of the parliament, as soon as the budget goes to the parliament, the parliament is obliged to put aside all the issues and put the budget review on the agenda. The board wanted to enter the budget after reviewing the 7th plan bill.

Amani continued: On the other hand, the duties of the rulings that were in the 7th plan, which would affect the budget anyway, should be clarified. Many of the key rulings that were effective in the budget, their role in the 7th plan was not yet clear and therefore the budget went to the parliament with a little delay.

Estimates of the Program and Budget Organization in the coming year, the economic growth will be 7% and the inflation will be 30%

The Deputy Coordinator of Program, Budget and Supervision of the Program and Budget Organization regarding the status of macro indicators in the coming year said: the growth of budget resources and expenditures is 18.3 percent, in other words, the 1403 budget is a budget that aims to control inflation. The origin of inflation has two axes, one is the budget deficit and the other is the disproportion of liquidity growth with economic growth; Therefore, the government has tried to adjust the budget according to the income situation.

He added: Usually, in the past years, expenses were first estimated and then resources were considered for them. This situation made the program organization and the government to control the allocations in practice. However, in the next year’s budget, it has been tried to first estimate the sustainable resources and then determine its expenses in the next step.

Amani said: Economic growth during the 7th plan is considered to be 8%, but the general estimate of the Planning and Budget Organization for the coming year is about 7%. Also, it is estimated that by the end of 1402, inflation will reach 39% and also in the first year of implementation of the 7th plan (1403), inflation will reach the channel bottom of 30%.

The tax exemption limit for salary earners may increase

In response to a question about whether the tax exemption limit of 10 million tomans will be changed for employees, Amani said: the increase in salary tax is exactlyTo The size of salary growth. Total taxes have grown by 49.5%, but payroll tax growth is exactly the same as payroll growth, in other words, the payroll tax base has grown by 18%. Of course, the tax exemption ceiling may increase in the coming year.

He continued: But the point is that the government has submitted a bill to amend the direct taxes law to the parliament, and if this bill becomes a law, there is (the possibility of increasing the exemption ceiling) that both the bases and exemptions and… It has become permanent.

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