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According to the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, Seyyed Mohammad Hadi Sobhanian, the head of the country’s tax affairs organization, in four headings: increasing stable incomes and realizing a budget without oil, combating tax evasion and collecting government claims, honoring taxpayers and serving the people, and facilitating the tasks of taxpayers. has made

He said: “For the second year in a row, the country’s tax affairs organization won the top performance evaluation rank in the 18th Shahid Rajaee Festival.” The head of the Tax Affairs Organization, explaining the increase in stable incomes and the realization of the oil-free budget, said: the share of trades and businesses in the gross domestic product is about 30%, but their share in the country’s taxes is less than 5%. Based on this, the average tax paid by guilds for the performance of 1401 was five million tomans, however, in the first 7 months of this year, it indicates a growth of more than 92% of provincial tax from businesses.

Sobhanyan, pointing out that the number of luxury houses introduced to the tax organization in 1401 for the whole country was equal to 40,497 units; He said: The Tax Administration has identified more than 110,000 units of luxury houses in the city of Tehran by using the capacity of knowledge-based companies.

He added: In the first six months of this year, tax revenues have reached more than twice the oil revenues. This great achievement of the 13th government has been achieved in the direction of reducing dependence on oil and providing stable and non-inflationary financing with a focus on the provincial tax on large grains and a serious fight against tax evaders.

In another part of his speech, the head of the tax affairs organization also mentioned the fight against tax evasion and the collection of government claims and said: With the launch of the taxpayer system and store terminals, for the first time we saw the inclusion of card-by-card information in tax collection, from On the other hand, with the launch of the whistle-blowing system, 16,251 public reports have been registered in the relevant system in 6 months of 1402.

Sobhanian further pointed out: According to the budget law of 1402, the tax affairs organization has taken action from the arrears of super tax debtors to provide the resources of the targeting organization, including the payment of the demands of wheat farmers and canola farmers in the amount of 25 thousand billion tomans. This official also announced the allocation of 11 thousand billion tomans of pollution tax to Khuzestan province.

Stating that the fight against tax evasion is the first priority of the Tax Administration, he emphasized that more than 2.7 million new taxpayers were identified in the first seven months of the year by cross-checking data and databases. In addition, tax evasion amounting to 18 thousand billion tomans has been discovered and identified.

The head of the tax affairs organization stated: For the first time, one of the ways of tax evasion was closed by producing estimated declarations, and for the first time, more than 600 thousand estimated declarations were issued systematically for business owners and legal entities without declarations and tax evaders. will be

In the description of honoring the taxpayers and serving the people, he also announced the increase of 508% of service desks in the market and main squares of the city in order to solve the problems and tax issues of the taxpayers and upgrade the 1526 response center. Referring to the increase in the limit of bank facilities without debiting the account in Article 186, Sobhanian said: According to the proposal of the Tax Affairs Organization to the Central Bank to amend the executive rules of Note 1 of Article 186 of the Direct Taxes Law, from now on it is possible to automatically increase the limit of granting micro-facilities without receiving The tax certificate will be provided annually without formalities and notification of the new circular.

The head of the tax affairs organization added: According to this proposal, the granting of foreign currency or riyal facilities by banks to all legal and natural persons (business owners) within a calendar year for legal persons up to 65% of average transactions (for the year 1402 equivalent to 9 billion and 425 million Rials) and for natural persons up to 35% of the mentioned quota (for the year 1402 equivalent to 5 billion and 75 million Rials) will not need to submit a tax certificate to the bank.

He mentioned removing the condition of having a tax file for licensing, setting up a quick response desk for manufacturers and large economic operators, and applying a zero tax rate for charities, parties, associations, and non-governmental organizations, and helping the development of all in the country, among other measures of the Tax Affairs Organization. Respect for taxpayers.

In another part of his speech regarding the measures to ease the duties of taxpayers, this official also announced the connection of the tax system to the validation system and said: this year, the option of 100% forgiveness of forgivable crimes and long-term installments (24 months) of the debt of small taxpayers was delegated to the general managers of tax affairs all over the country. Referring to the follow-up of the approval of the Taxpayer’s Homework Easement Bill, Sobhanian said: “The delay in the implementation of the Law on the Taxpayer System and the Shopping Terminals was causing penalties to the taxpayers, so the government submitted a request to the Parliament to amend the deadlines in the Taxpayer’s Homework Easement Bill to solve this problem.” .

He added: The appointments were amended in the parliament and sent to the Guardian Council, the objections and ambiguities of the Guardian Council regarding the bill to ease taxpayers’ homework were sent to the Economic Commission of the Parliament. It was amended and approved and will soon be voted on in the floor of the parliament and will be announced after approval. The head of the tax affairs organization listed facilitating the payment of taxes on account of exporters, exclusion of gold bullion from taxes on account of imports, acceptance of checks in addition to bank guarantees for the import of machinery, no penalty for submitting declarations for those subject to the note of article 100 as other measures of this organization. . Sobhanyan also regarding the zero tax of 50% of the palm guilds: the growth of tax revenues in recent years has taken place without putting pressure on the business sector, so that this year more than 50% (about 4 million) of businesses have zero tax and About 40 percent have paid taxes under twenty million tomans. Also, during the last two years, the tax burden of the production sector has been reduced by 7%.

He considered the development of cities and villages and the improvement of people’s health by allocating value added tax, reducing the value added rate of basic goods, tax exemption and discount for the third child, and amnesty for the tax offenses of the activists of free trade-industrial zones as other measures under the simplification of taxpayers’ duties. .

In the end, referring to the systematization of the provincial tax process, the head of the Tax Affairs Organization said: Respecting taxpayers is the main strategy of the tax system. If we want the tax system to achieve its main goal, which is fair tax collection, we must put respect for taxpayers at the top of our agenda. Respecting taxpayers means respecting people and treating people in a proper way. We should be grateful to them and show this issue not only in words but also in actions.

Sobhanian clarified: production of estimated declarations from 98 to 1400, finalization of value added files, quick uploading of declarations and implementation of the schedule of proceedings, connection of the tax affairs organization to validation, VAT recall with a large volume, including this cases.

He added: Also, in the end, we can promise that in the near future, we will witness the transmission of positive news from the Tax Administration, including the systematization of the tax on the transfer of non-stock shares, the systematization of the inheritance tax, the possibility of obtaining accounts and certificates instantly without He pointed out the need to visit, electronic seal of offices, providing tax services of widely used application, setting up a chatbot, system reimbursement of medical expenses, identification of the real beneficiary of the leased business card, notification of tax papers through the system and property and car recognition system.

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