What is the story of the Guardian Council’s objection to the Satra statutes?

According to the cultural reporter of rahnam News Agency, the representatives of the Islamic Council approved the 3-year trial implementation of the Chastity and Hijab Bill in a public meeting on Wednesday, 29 September 1402, with 152 votes in favor, 34 votes against and 7 abstentions.

According to one of the clauses of this bill, to prevent the production and broadcast of audio and video content promoting corruption, nudity, indecency, modesty, and bad clothing on the home television network through the organization of regulation of audio and video in the virtual space “Satra” within the framework of the approvals. The Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution is mandatory. Also, Satra has been obliged to prepare and communicate the policies and regulations for the production and broadcast of inclusive audio and video content in publishing platforms in order to meet the goals of this law within three months within the framework of the approvals of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution and their supervision.

News was published yesterday that the Guardian Council has announced that there are ambiguities regarding the statutes of the Organization for the Regulation of Pervasive Audio and Video Media in the Virtual Space (SATRA), which must be resolved.

Mohammad Sadegh Afrasiabi, the vice president of users and social regulation of Satra, gave explanations to rahnam reporter regarding the objection raised by the Guardian Council regarding the statutes of Satra.

He said: The Organization for Regulation of Broadcasting Media in Virtual Space is actually the specialized deputy of Broadcasting Organization to carry out the legal duties of Broadcasting and Broadcasting in the field of supporting and monitoring broadcasting and home theater, and it is organizationally independent from Broadcasting and Broadcasting. It does not exist, for this reason, the name of the Broadcasting Organization was mentioned in the resolution of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution and other laws, including the budget law of 1402 and the budget laws of previous years for the regulation of universal audio and video. Therefore, the ambiguity introduced by the Guardian Council due to The Islamic Council insisted on mentioning Satra’s name, and this problem will be solved by adding the name of the Broadcasting Organization instead of Satra’s name.

Referring to the efforts of the Islamic Council to compile and approve the Satra Law, he emphasized: the draft of the Satra Law has been prepared by the Majlis Research Center for approval in the Islamic Council and is being reviewed by the relevant commissions, if this law is approved by the Parliament The current ambiguities will be resolved and it is possible to mention Sedav and Sima or Satra according to the discretion of the Islamic Council in the Law of Chastity and Hijab, but for now, by inserting the name of Sedav and Sima instead of Satra, God willing, the problem will be solved and the clause related to monitoring the network The theater will be approved by the Guardian Council under the Law of Chastity and Hijab.

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