The use of martyrs’ wills in the field of Iranian Islamic culture and lifestyle – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency from Bushehr, Seyyed Mohammad Sadiq Hashemi, in a meeting with the head and deputies of the Martyrs and Martyrs Foundation of Bushehr province, referring to the propaganda attacks of the opponents and ill-wishers of the Islamic Republic of Iran against the system and young people, especially families, stated that using the tools of the opposition media is on the agenda of the ill-wishers of the system. has it.

He considered the cultural influence in the thoughts of the youth to be one of the enemy’s goals and added: What we should be armed with in this cultural war is the weapon of explanation jihad, which the Supreme Leader places a lot of emphasis on, and part of it is possible through artistic expression. .

While thanking the efforts of the Bushehr Province Martyr Foundation cultural group, the cultural and educational deputy of the Martyr Foundation and Martyrs Affairs of the country demanded to promote as much as possible the pure culture of sacrifice and martyrdom among the new and future generation of Islamic Iran.

Stating that the wills of high-ranking martyrs have huge reserves of instructive points, Hashemi said: The use of the wills of martyrs in the field of Iranian Islamic culture and lifestyle should be used in today’s life.

Referring to the mobilization week and the developments and the proud victories of the fighters of the Palestinian resistance front, he pointed out: What we are witnessing today as resistance against oppression in Gaza originates from the Islamic lifestyle and following God’s commands, which are its distinctive features. It is in the will of high-ranking martyrs.

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