The top answer of “Meli Bank” in the payment of veterans’ car loans / Will the shopping basket of veterans be diversified? – rahnam

According to the cultural reporter of rahnam news agency, the handing over of domestic cars to eligible martyrs started less than two months ago, and about 10,000 domestic cars will be handed over to these loved ones by the end of 2012 through two automobile companies, Iran Khodro and Saipa.

Also, 6 banks were required to help the martyrs who receive SMS in paying the car loan. In the meantime, Tejarat Bank and National Bank refused to pay this loan and caused delays in the law enforcement process.

Meisham Eroz, General Manager of Shahid Foundation and Isargren Affairs, said in an interview with rahnam: “We have corresponded with the Central Bank twice with the follow-up of Shahid Foundation and requested to remove the obstacles that have arisen.”

He added: “Tejarat Bank has solved the problem of loan payment and has informed its branches to cooperate with the sacrificers in this matter, but unfortunately, National Bank is still delaying the payment of the loan and I am going to have a meeting in this regard tomorrow too, so hopefully we can resolve this issue.” Let’s fix the issue as well.

It should be mentioned that during this period, many martyrs eligible to receive a domestic car contacted the rahnam news agency and complained about the choice of the Shahin and Peugeot 207 automatic transmission models. One of these people says: “Who doesn’t like to use a better car and a higher model?” It is better especially for us physical-mobility veterans, but these two cars that have been chosen are too expensive for us who are from the middle class of society.

He says: the provision of medicine and other expenses of a normal life, with this salary situation, does not allow many sacrificers to buy such a car even with a loan, and sometimes they are forced to give up on this issue despite the dire need. Shahin’s car is now around 600 million tomans, which is a high amount for us.

This physical-movement veteran says: I wish more diverse models were considered in this plan so that every veteran from every social class can use this facility. Because the car is a necessary tool for physical-motor veterans to meet their daily needs.

Following these calls, we asked the general director of facilities and welfare of Shahid Foundation if there is a way to solve the problem of these loved ones. Erooz said: These cases have been reported to us by the beneficiaries, that’s why we are following up so that if possible, another car with a better price will be added to the shopping cart of the veterans.

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