The Ministry of Interior supports Amrin for good and Nahyan for evil – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam news agency, the Minister of Interior, Ahmed Vahidi, during an interview, answered a question regarding the authorization of hijab in some public places and what institution is in charge of this action? He stated: According to the laws of the country, it is mandatory to observe hijab and the general public is also interested in this matter.

He added: In the laws and regulations, duties have been specified for institutions, organizations and the general public to improve the status of hijab and to deal with non-observance of the legal veil.

The Minister of Interior continued: Therefore, while appreciating and thanking the institutions and individuals who fulfill their duties in this regard, I would like to remind you that enjoining good and forbidding bad language is everyone’s duty and it has a general and legal license and there is no need It does not have a special license.

Vahidi pointed out: The Ministry of Interior supports those who command good and bad things according to the law.

He added: We also ask the few people who may not observe the legal hijab due to negligence to pay enough attention to this matter.

The Minister of the Interior reminded: It is necessary to observe the hijab in offices and public places such as the subway, and the officials of the institutions are obliged to follow up on the necessary measures and ongoing plans to observe the hijab in these places.

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