“Parand Metro” will be opened on Thursday of this week – rahnam

According to the social reporter of rahnam News Agency, Mohsen Hormozi stated during the 125th session of the Islamic Council of Tehran and during the review of the 6-month monitoring report of capital asset acquisition projects of Tehran Municipality in 1402: Our focus has been to complete the projects in this area, also in the development of Metro 6 We implemented the station and 29 kilometers and 5 stations were put into operation, and according to the plan, Parand metro station will be put into operation on Thursday of this week.

Emphasizing that “we have done our homework in the metro sector and we are ahead of the approved tasks”, he said: in the bus sector, 721 buses have been renovated and entered the public transport fleet.

Referring to the construction of Metro Line 10, the Deputy Mayor of Tehran said: Based on the experts, it was decided that if we were able to carry out the construction work from the location of the figures we are demanding from the IRGC, in this connection, more than 3 thousand billion Tomans have been collected from the demands.

Referring to the city management team’s trip to China, Hormazi stated: 5 contracts worth 1 billion and 40 million euros were signed during this trip, and the head of the central bank announced that he will provide 1 billion dollars of currency to the municipality.

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