Israel’s great defeat in Gaza according to Zionist analysts: Tel Aviv surrendered to Hamas without a single achievement – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, despite the consensus of all Zionists about the need to release all Israeli prisoners who are in the hands of the Palestinian resistance, the estimates of the military analysts of the Zionist regime are different regarding the mechanisms of this matter and the process and developments of the war, and most of them believe that a ceasefire , has many consequences for Israel, especially in terms of its goals in the war.

Zionist analysts believe that the current ceasefire established in Gaza represents the victory of Hamas and the retreat of Israel, and as a result of the failure of Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet to release Israeli prisoners. It is on this basis that we see that Israel does not welcome its captives with a feeling of joy and victory; Rather, they are handed over silently, and this shows the extent of the defeat that Israel’s political leaders suffered from Hamas, and they were forced to accept the prisoner exchange deal after the failure of the ground operation to free the prisoners.

Israel did not gain a single achievement

“Nahum Barnia”, a political analyst in the Hebrew newspaper Yediot Aharonot, announced in an article entitled “We accept them silently” that the war has reached its peak with the entry into its eighth week and the implementation of the temporary ceasefire. The Israeli army started an indefinite war against Gaza, but when the ceasefire is established, many questions arise, such as where are we going? What are we doing here, how long will this situation last and…

This Zionist expert pointed out that the members of the Israeli war cabinet, contrary to what they show and say in their press statements, have deep and bitter differences, the Israelis accepted the prisoner exchange deal with reluctance. Because we practically did not reach any of the stated goals in the military operations and we did not have a single achievement. Therefore, after the first stage of the exchange of prisoners, Israel cannot beat the drum of victory.

He added that the messages that Netanyahu sought to promote is that Israel has achieved a great achievement in the negotiations; A claim that is far from reality. Netanyahu prefers to bury his head in the sand; Because any discussion about the cease-fire issue exposes his cabinet to collapse and collapse.

Israel was forced to accept the demands of Hamas

Tsvi Briel, an analyst of Arab affairs in the Hebrew newspaper Ha’aretz, confirmed the opinion of Nahum Barnia and announced that the prisoner exchange deal is actually an “insurance document” for the leaders of Hamas against the terror operations promoted by Netanyahu.

Pointing out that the Israeli political establishment was forced to accept Hamas’s demands and give concessions, he said that the most important concession that Israel gave in this agreement was to agree to the withdrawal of army forces from Salah al-Din Street, which is considered the central axis in the connection point between the north of Gaza and the south. And this is the only way for thousands of displaced people to cross from northern Gaza. Accordingly, Israel pledged not to approach the refugees and all those crossing this road, even if they were moving north.

This Zionist expert added that there is a great concern that Hamas members will be able to move freely during the ceasefire period. The provisions of the cease-fire agreement will present difficult problems to Israel, especially considering the nature and duration of the cease-fire, and will give Hamas more time to organize its forces. Also, the ceasefire was established in a situation where there was no talk about returning the bodies of Israeli prisoners.

Israel is facing difficult times

“Amos Hareil”, a prominent military expert of the Zionist regime, announced in Haaretz newspaper that the return of a small number of Israeli prisoners will not lead to happiness in the Israeli society, and difficult days await us in relation to the continuation of the negotiations so that we can return more prisoners. release Also, the task of continuing the war has not been clarified yet, and we do not know what effect the ceasefire agreement will have on the future of ground operations in Gaza.

He clarified that despite the ceasefire agreement and the completion of the first phase of the exchange of prisoners, there are still many challenges related to Israel’s declared goals in the war, namely the destruction of Hamas and its military power and the release of all Israeli prisoners. A large number of Israelis, including soldiers, are still captives of Hamas, and Hamas and Palestinian groups will continue their other war maneuvers and intensify the psychological war against the Israelis in order to reach a comprehensive agreement to exchange prisoners and end the war.

The release of the old Palestinian prisoners is the biggest nightmare of the Israeli authorities

But at the military level, Yoav Limor, a Zionist military analyst in the Israel Hum newspaper, believes that the Hamas movement will adopt a “tug of war until the end” policy to buy time to achieve its goals and prolong the ceasefire.

Referring to Israel’s failure to achieve its stated goals in the Gaza war, he said, unfortunately, there is currently no possibility of reaching a better agreement for the return of Israeli prisoners, and with the progress of negotiations, Hamas’ demands will also increase and, in parallel, Israel’s problem. It gets deeper.

This Zionist analyst emphasized, we are now talking about possible deals for the exchange of prisoners and maybe a comprehensive agreement. The public opinion of Israel must understand that we are facing a bitter situation in which the release of the oldest Palestinian prisoners, including Hassan Salameh, Mohanand Sharim, Abbas al-Sayed, Ibrahim Hamed and Abdullah al-Barghouti, is being talked about, and this is a big nightmare for the Israeli authorities.

In the end, he said, prolonging the ceasefire and extending it for the release of more Israeli and foreign prisoners will allow Hamas to extend the time of the ceasefire, and at the same time, Israel will face a bigger challenge that requires the cessation of war. .

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