Hebrew media: Yemen has become a strategic threat to Israel – rahnam

According to the Hebrew group of rahnam news agency, the Hebrew media emphasized that the strategic location of Souq al-Jishi in Yemen has caused this country to become a problem far beyond the use of missiles.

Giora Island, the former head of the Security Council of the Zionist regime, admitted in a conversation with the 12th TV channel of the Zionist regime, that today Yemen has become a real strategic threat to Israel, and apparently the Americans do not pay much attention to this issue and prefer not to go to war with the Yemeni army. .

Ayland continued his words and added: Our problem with the Yemenis is that they are located exactly at the throat of the Red Sea and in its southern part, and this problem is much more than the danger of missiles.

This former senior official of the security of the Zionist regime added: “The bigger problem will arise when the Yemenis decide to seize all the ships belonging to Israel. In this case, will any more ships be willing to leave for Eilat from the Red Sea?”

At the end of his conversation with the Zionist TV channel 12, he emphasized: Israel is facing problems in Gaza and on the northern front, the closure of the Red Sea in front of Israel adds to these problems, while the conflict in the West Bank also has .

He advised the leaders of the Zionist regime to think about this threat because this danger is not something that can be easily eliminated.

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