Destruction of the kidnapping gang in Sistan and Baluchistan / The accused confessed to 4 cases of kidnapping – rahnam

In an interview with rahnam reporter in Zahedan, Sardar Dostali Jalilian stated that following a case of kidnapping in one of the localities of Zahedan, it was reported to the police, during which three people went to the house of a citizen after shooting and attempted to kidnap. they do

The Police Commander of Sistan and Baluchistan province added: Due to the sensitivity of the issue and the publication of conflicting news in cyberspace, the police identified the hideouts of the kidnappers in several parts of the streets of Zahedan during technical and police investigations and arrested three kidnappers during two coordinated strikes. And during the inspection of their hiding place, a Colt weapon was discovered along with the relevant ammunition, and in this regard, two cars used in the kidnapping belonging to the accused were seized.

Referring to the confession of the defendants to four other cases of kidnapping in the province and receiving an amount of 20 billion Rials for the release of the abductees from Shekat, he clarified: the police will deal with any insecurity and action that inflames the atmosphere of the society.

Arresting the kidnappers and freeing the hostages in less than an hour

In another news release, Sardar Jalilian stated: After receiving a report about the kidnapping of a person in one of the neighborhoods of Iranshahr city by unknown people and the kidnapping of the kidnappers; Investigating the issue was specially placed on the agenda of the police detectives.

The police chief of Sistan and Baluchistan said: immediately, the containment and security belt plan was implemented in the transportation axes in the city of Iranshahr, and the traffic of cars was fully monitored by the police.

He added: “During the investigation and police intelligence measures, it was determined that the accused have transferred the kidnapped person to a residential house in Iranshahr and taken him hostage, and an experienced team of police detectives immediately intervened to free the hostages.”

Sardar Jalilian stated: Considering the sensitivity of the matter, the police detectives arrested the accused in their hiding place with the speed of action and special police tactics, and the kidnapped person was released safe and sound. The motivation of the defendants in this case was previous disputes.

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