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According to rahnam news agency, Saudi Arabia, as the largest crude oil exporter in the world, has always based its economy on this type of income, so that half of the country’s GDP is made up of oil sales. Now, after many years, this country is looking to play a role in international corridors. The important point is that the reason for this targeting is for a country that does not need any income other than selling oil and is in a favorable point in terms of income.

The first reason that can be found by studying the vision document of this country is the high unemployment rate (11.6%) in this country, which the Saudi government intends to reduce to 7% in a 7-year horizon.

One of the factors that can achieve this goal is playing a role in international corridors. The second reason is to aim to reach the 35% share of small and medium businesses in the country’s GDP, which again, logistics-related businesses can play an important role in this issue. The third reason is the diversification of the country’s income, the Saudis have realized that dependence on oil and gas can harm the country’s economy.

Accordingly, they have mentioned this issue in their vision document until 2030 and hope to increase their rank in the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) from 49 to 25 and play a role as a determining country in international corridors.

How can the cooperation between Iran and Saudi Arabia in international corridors take place?

Iran and Saudi Arabia normalized their relations on March 19, 1401 after intense negotiations. This can lead to logistics cooperation between the two countries to the extent that commercial shipments between the CIS countries and Saudi Arabia pass through Iran. The creation of this corridor can have economic, security, and social benefits for both Iran and Saudi Arabia, and contribute to peace and sustainable tension-free relations between the two countries.

These transit cooperations can help the economic development of the parties and prevent the abuse and influence of countries like America in the region. At present, Saudi Arabia alone has about 1.6 billion dollars in trade with Russia, and Iran’s route is one of the most favorable routes for the passage of these goods. Also, the two countries can play the role of a transit hub for the countries of the region and increase this logistics cooperation.

The recent transit shipment between Russia and Saudi Arabia through Iran is an example of this transit cooperation. The mentioned container cargo arrived at Bandar Abbas after entering from Inche Barun border and using rail transportation, and then it was sent to Saudi Arabia using sea transportation. This action can be considered a successful example of joint transit cooperation between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

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