Commander-in-Chief of the Army: We are ready to go near the Gaza Strip to provide medical aid – rahnam

According to the defense correspondent of rahnam news agency, Commander-in-Chief of the Army Amir Major General Seyyed Abdul Rahim Mousavi, during a ceremony honoring exemplary nursing students of the Army University of Medical Sciences, said: The Al-Aqsa storm operation was unprecedented in the 75 years of the Zionist regime and had very important results. He completely confirmed the truth and accuracy of the revolutionary leader’s statement that the Zionist regime will not see the next 25 years.

Mousavi continued: The enemy has been trying to forget the issue of Palestine for many years, and based on this, he has adopted the policy of normalization, but this operation turned the issue of Palestine into the first level issue of the Islamic world and even the world. In some Islamic countries, this issue is followed more passionately than in Islamic countries.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Army emphasized: In this operation, the effects of the regime’s collapse have been clearly identified, and during that regime, the regime fell to its knees and accepted all conditions of resistance.

Mousavi stated: The Zionist regime and its supporters have become desperate against one of the branches of the resistance and once again showed the power of the axis of the resistance to the whole world.

He added: On the other hand, the Americans were trying to show a pro-human rights face with their media empire, and with this incident, their face and main nature was revealed to the world.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Army continued: The leaders of America and some Western countries and the Zionist regime are supporters of apartheid and racists. When American, French, German, British, etc. officials support a regime that loudly calls out racism, it means that they are racists themselves.

He pointed out: In the recent war and operations, no military achievements were achieved by the Zionist regime. This incident showed that Israel is literally weaker than a spider’s web.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Army clarified: The intelligence and military system that everyone was promoting for it suddenly failed against those who are in a big prison and nothing happens to them, and even today it is forced to officially negotiate with Hamas and Accept all its conditions.

Major General Mousavi stated: We have announced to the country and international forums that we are ready to go near the Gaza Strip and provide the necessary medical aid to the people of Gaza.


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