CBS Claim: One of Israel’s most important industrial brands was hacked – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency and quoted by CBS News, Matthew Moats, the chairman of the board of directors of the Aliquipa Municipal Water Authority in the state of Pennsylvania, confirmed that a cyber militia group that he claimed is supported by the Iranian government, called the Cyber ​​Avengers. They had taken control of one of the water pressure boosting stations in this city.

He added: This water station is located outside the city and regulates water pressure for Racoon and Potter areas.

Motes further stated that in addition to disrupting the water pumping infrastructure, computer networks and surveillance cameras have also been attacked.

According to this report, this sophisticated international hacker network, whose goal is to attack critical infrastructure hardware made by Israeli companies, disabled the pump of the drinking water supply line from this water station for Raccoon and Potter areas.

This official pointed out that as soon as this hacker attack happened, alarm bells were sounded, and noted that there is currently no danger to the flow of drinking water and piped water in this city.

He clarified that the hacked device was made by a company called Unitronics, which was recently traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. This system is currently out of order.

Unitronics: an Israeli company that operates in the field of industrial control automation systems in various sectors such as water treatment and water treatment, energy production (power plant, petrochemical, refinery), agriculture, etc.

According to the cyber security solutions provided by this company, its hardware and software equipment is available in more than 55 countries of the world with 160 active agencies.

The shares of this company have been publicly offered in Tel Aviv and European stock exchanges since 1999. From 2013 to 2017, the industrial control equipment of this company has won various international awards.

After this hacking attack, a threatening message was displayed on the system control screen with the following content: “You have been hacked. Down with Israel. “All Israeli-made equipment is a legitimate target for cyber avengers.”

On its page on the X social network, cyber avengers have taken responsibility for numerous attacks on various infrastructures of the Zionist regime, including attacks on 10 water treatment stations in just the past month.

This hacker group first launched a channel on Telegram on September 15th, but this group, known as Cyber ​​Avengers, has been active since at least 2020.

A survey of social media shows that Cyber ​​Avengers supports Palestine and is committed to war against Israel and all those who support this regime.

According to the report, Aliquipa Water Department staff disabled the affected equipment and are currently working on methods to maintain water pressure for the target areas.

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