Armed conflict at the Zand intersection in Shiraz/injury of a thief and a citizen – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Shiraz, Sardar Rehambakhsh Habibi, explaining the details of this news, stated: At noon today, the 5th of December, while patrolling at the Zand intersection in Shiraz, police officers stopped a suspicious Peugeot and ordered the driver to stop, and the driver started shooting at the police officers and citizens. Unfortunately, a pedestrian was injured.

He added: Police officers injured the assailant and arrested him in a mutual conflict, following the law of using weapons.

The police commander of Fars province noted: The assailant, who has a record of armed robbery, kidnapping, acquisition of illegal property, etc., was sent to the hospital and his condition was reported to be critical.

Sardar “Habibi” pointed out that fortunately the general condition of pedestrians is favorable and said: Security in Shiraz city and the place of the accident is fully established and the traffic is smooth.

This law enforcement official warned the people who break the norms and disturb the order and security that Fars province is a place of insecurity for them and the police will deal with them strictly against the law.

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