Amir Sabahifard: We have cut off the aggressors from Iran’s skies with defense and missile systems – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency, Amir Alireza Sabahifard, commander of the air defense force of the army, while attending the tactical radar station of Martyr Aslan Alizade Namin in Ardabil, visited various parts of this site and evaluated the combat power and defense readiness of this tactical site.

The Commander of the Air Defense Forces of the Army stated that global arrogance is on the decline and in order to maintain its power, it seeks to harm Islamic Iran, and stated: As soldiers, we must be prepared for the night of attack and we must not neglect it. This preparation will make the enemy not have the courage to invade this border.

He stated that the Air Defense Force, together with other armed forces, is present in the battlefield with all its forces in defense of the country’s territorial integrity and airspace security.

The commander of the air defense force of the army stated: the air defense has been able to stop the aggressors from reaching the skies of the Islamic Republic by using the new indigenous technologies in the field of defense and missile systems.

Referring to the victories of the resistance front, Amir Brigadier General Sabahifard said: “The world’s arrogance and power have been lost and no power is able to compensate for it, and God willing, we will witness the destruction of this tyrannical and usurping Zionist regime as soon as possible.”

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