Why has not even 30% of the end-of-service bonus of the retired teachers of 1401 been paid? – rahnam

According to the social correspondent of rahnam News Agency, the payment of the end of service bonus of retired teachers in 1401 has not been realized until now, after more than 14 months have passed since their retirement.

During the recent days, the retired educators, in numerous calls to rahnam news agency, requested to follow up on the payment status of their end of service bonus.

According to them, while the Minister of Education announced that 30% of their bonus will be paid, but this has not happened until today.

Previously, according to the officials of the Ministry of Education, 30% of the severance bonus of the retired teachers of 1401 was supposed to be paid after the payment of the salaries of November, but this did not happen.

In this connection, Ali Farhadi; The spokesperson of the Ministry of Education told rahnam: The Program and Budget Organization had promised the Ministry of Education to allocate the necessary credit for the payment of 30% of the end of service bonus of the retired educators in 1401 and deposit it into the treasury.

He added: “Unfortunately, this has not happened until today, and education and education are pursuing a lot to allocate this credit from the Program and Budget Organization, and we are ashamed of the teachers who have not received their bonuses 14 months after retirement.”

Farhadi stressed that all the end of service bonuses of these people should be settled by the end of this year.

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