The price of tires continues to decrease/ factories focus on the production of high consumption tires – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, Reza Abbasabadi Daneshvar pointed out that the factories have focused their production on high-consumption tires and said: the downward trend in prices will continue and the factories have focused their efforts on the sizes demanded by the people, especially cars with 13 rims. .

He added: In this case, the inflammation of the market will definitely be reduced and the rubber needed by the people will be distributed by the members of the rubber industry at an approved price and will reach the end consumer, and this has caused us to witness the downward trend in prices and in the range of tire rims, the prices have increased sharply. is close to the approved rate.

Abbas Abadi Daneshvar continued: The prices for rim 14 are also the same, and the consumer market has almost reached the approved price market, and only rim 13 remains, and the factories have increased their production for this rim as well, and the supply is more responsive to people’s demand. And there is no need to worry because there is plenty of rubber and it will be very close to the approved price.

The first vice president of Tehran Tire and Oil Union said about the registration by the producers and providing tires at an approved rate to the people: Those who registered on the sites entered a distribution method that helped in the correct distribution of tires and the other traditional and optimal method. People hand over their tires to trade unions and verification is also done.

Therefore, the other route where someone used to take delivery of his tire and maybe take it to another trade unit and create parallel markets has disappeared and people used to sell tires at other prices on Divar and Shipour sites and the prices are controlled. was not

In another part of the interview with Radio Talk, he stated that it is a place for tire change and puncture repair services, and said: There are also units that have a full license to repair punctures and sell tires, and they may even have oil changes.

Abbas Abadi Daneshvar pointed out: Currently, we are facing high consumption of tires and sales are also seasonal, especially in summer and Eid night, when travel increases, and in the agricultural season, special agricultural tires will be highly consumed, and the union is always an observer and supporter. have been members and the economic and market conditions sometimes disturb these issues.

He also called the production of high consumption sizes as the solution and stated: if this practice continues, the factories will deliver their products to the representatives on time and our members will also distribute the tires at the approved price.

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