The calamity that some ophthalmologists bring to patients with unnecessary “LASIK operations”/ daily 60 LASIK operations by these surgeons! – rahnam

In an interview with rahnam news agency’s social reporter, Dr. Parviz Eliasi stated that some ophthalmic surgeries have been advertised in cyberspace, and stated that some doctors perform LASIK at a much lower price than the approved tariff, which causes People go to these doctors to do LASIK.

He added: This issue has created a huge gap between the clients of 20 to 30 ophthalmologists and about 3000 other ophthalmologists, and the monopoly is in their hands.

The inspector of the Iranian Ophthalmology Association noted: These ophthalmologists visit and operate on about 50 to 60 patients daily! This issue causes these ophthalmologists to not have a chance to properly visit the patient and get a history from him, causing problems for the patients.

He continued by giving an example: Some patients may have keratoconus problems for which LASIK surgery should not be performed; Also, some patients may not need this surgery and their vision can be improved by using glasses, but the promotion of this surgery leads them to perform LASIK.

Dr. Eliasi stated: Some patients take some drugs for the skin or brain and nerves, and if they are used, LASIK surgery should not be performed for the patient, but some of the same offending ophthalmologists do this for profit.

He pointed to the increase “inductive demand” In order to perform LASIK surgery due to seductive advertisements, it was reminded: advertising of therapeutic measures in cyber space is prohibited, but These ophthalmologists hold discounts for doing LASIK on the virtual pages of the festival and encourage patients to do this procedure! While, firstly, this operation is considered a cosmetic surgery, and secondly, it may be done outside the indication (recommendation) for some patients, but these ophthalmologists pocket billions of Tomans.

The inspector of the Iranian Ophthalmology Association noted: While many young ophthalmologists do not have many patients due to compliance with the approved tariffs and do not even have enough money to buy a house, these delinquent ophthalmologists receive large sums of money due to the high number of their patients and hospitals and clinics. They launch

He stated that due to the high volume of referrals, these ophthalmologists do not have the possibility to follow up on the condition of their patients after surgery, and said: The offending ophthalmologists refer patients who come from the city to Tehran for LASIK for post-operative follow-up. They say that this will increase the workload of ophthalmologists in the cities.

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