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Hojat al-Islam Reza Gholami, Director General of Islamic Propaganda Organization, in an interview with the cultural reporter of rahnam news agency, pointing out that the mosque is considered as a base of monotheism, remembrance and education, and as one of the main bases of the Islamic system, and a special place of education. E. Dared said: Because of the connection with the dualities that exist in human daily life, such as the duality of the creator and the created, the duality of religion and the world, and the duality of the world and the hereafter, the mosque is of special importance. In order for a person to be able to connect these together, the main place is the mosque.

The center of gravity for the growth of every believer is in the mosque

He added: A Muslim person may grow and be educated outside the space of the mosque and follow his evolution, but basically, the center of gravity of this intersection and growth is the mosque. It is the mosque that can perform these great functions; Therefore, one of the main concerns of families today, regardless of whether they are religious or not, whether they are religious or not, is the issue of raising children. Now, those who are religious seek religious education, and those who may have less religious tendencies seek correct education.

The family is the most important link between the teenager and the mosque

Hojat al-Islam Gholami continued: In order to link teenagers to the mosque, the first and most important pillar is the family. That is, if the family itself does not go to the mosque and does not define its relationship with the mosque, basically the children will hardly accept this bond; But if the family defines a relationship with the mosque and participates in the congregational prayers and ceremonies and rituals of the mosque, it is the first step for the teenager to be tied to this holy place. If a family’s problem and concern is not the problem of God and religion, and if it does not prepare a plan to connect its child to the mosque, and the problem is only his language class and sports club, then such a family has not fulfilled its mission towards the family, as Amir Believers, peace be upon him, said:There is no inheritance like literature“; That is, there is no inheritance like politeness, and this politeness definitely comes from the heart of religious education. The location of the mosque facilitates education.

The dislike of the Prophet (PBUH) for fathers who are indifferent to the upbringing of their children

He considered neglecting children’s education as one of the challenges of families and said: One of the points that families are oblivious to and care less about today is the concern of children’s religious education. Some families spend a lot of time and money on all kinds of educational, recreational and sports classes for their children, but they are not willing to spend time on the proper upbringing of their children. In a narration, the Prophet of Islam, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, seeks distaste for fathers who are negligent in raising their children. In the narration, he looked at some children and said:Woe to the children of the apocalypse because of the way of their fathers. It was asked, O Messenger of God, from their polytheist fathers? He said no, from their Muslim fathers, who do not teach them anything about religious duties, and if their children want to learn on their own, they forbid them, and they are only happy with the fact that they have financial income, even if it is small. Then he said: I hate these fathers and they also hate me” According to this narrative, families are responsible for their children’s education and religious education, and they must provide a platform and opportunity for this learning. Perhaps the best center and base of growth are mosques.

Choosing a mosque friend makes the child a member of the mosque

Hojjat al-Islam Gholami continued: The second solution is to choose mosque friends. If we want our children to go to the mosque, we must find mosque friends for them to connect with this holy place through friendship with the people of the mosque. It is said in the narration that 5 things illuminate the heart, the fifth advice,Walking to mosques“; It means taking a step to the mosque. By stepping into the mosque, our child’s heart will be enlightened and he will be ready to accept education and educational principles.

The body of the mosque can be shaped with the taste of teenagers

The Director General of Majlis Affairs of the Islamic Propaganda Organization considered the pillars of the mosque as the third way to attract children to the mosque and said: The most important pillar is the Imam of the congregation. If the imam of a congregation and the members of the mosque are not concerned about attracting young people and teenagers and do not prepare the body of the mosque according to their taste and taste and the programs of the mosque do not have the necessary variety to attract young people, and also when the young people come to the mosque. If they don’t provide an educational and identity program for him, this young man will not connect with this place by coming to the mosque once or twice.

He added: The fourth solution to connect teenagers with the mosque is the efforts of cultural, educational and missionary groups. From radio and television to education and cultural and artistic institutions, if they do not have a plan to tie teenagers and young people to the mosque, they are responsible and must define their relationship with the mosque. A school that is responsible for the educational and educational issues of students in a neighborhood, if it does not have a solution to connect students with the mosque, it basically failed to fulfill its educational mission.

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