Sheikh Naim Qassem: If Israel resumes aggression against Gaza, it will see something from the resistance that it has not seen before – rahnam

According to the report of the international group of rahnam news agency, Sheikh Naim Qassem, the deputy secretary general of Hezbollah in Lebanon, announced during a speech about the temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. which can be extended. This truce was against the will of the Zionists; Because they had raised the slogan of freeing their captives through ground operations, but they could not free any captives in the ground operations.

If the Zionists resume aggression against Gaza, they will see something from the resistance that they have not seen before.

Sheikh Naim Qassem added, one of the leaders of Hamas assured us that none of the underground resistance infrastructure was damaged during this period and if they (the Zionists) return (start their attacks) after the ceasefire period, we will also return and At that time, they will see something from us that they have not seen before. Through resistance, we are fighting the battle of truth against falsehood and the battle of liberating the land from the occupiers and the liberation of Jerusalem, and this battle is not the only battle of the Palestinians.

He clarified that this battle is the battle of cultural, social, moral and political security and the battle of independence. Israel is a dangerous tumor for everyone. The Battle of Storm Al-Aqsa is a great and legitimate action and it expresses faith in resistance and a historical achievement that will remain constant and this victory is engraved in the land of Palestine and in the hearts of Palestinians. In the same way, defeat has been established for the Zionists and this result will become clear in the coming years.

Hezbollah reduced the burden of the war for Gaza

The Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah said about the resistance battle in southern Lebanon with the Zionist enemy that we in Lebanon decided to support Gaza through the southern front and offered dozens of martyrs in this way. During the operations carried out by Hezbollah against the occupying regime, nearly 70 thousand Zionist settlers were displaced in the northern front of occupied Palestine and nearly 100 thousand Israeli soldiers were forced to be stationed on the borders, which is equal to 50% of the strength of the Israeli Air Force. This issue reduced the burden of the war on Gaza and will affect its progress if the war continues.

This Hezbollah official emphasized, some (in Lebanon) raise slogans with the title “We don’t want war”. Yes, it’s true, we never seek war, but we don’t accept surrender either, and if we recognize that entering the war will repel the dangers of Israel against Lebanon and liberate our lands, we will not shy away from it in order to gain independence, honor and dignity. return to Lebanon and Israel will only be like a scarecrow that the Lebanese never fear.

The invaders were forced to accept a ceasefire

On the other hand, Sheikh “Ali Utabush”, the deputy head of Hezbollah’s executive council, also announced during Friday prayer sermons that the war of the occupiers against Gaza is not an ordinary war; Rather, it was a war of extreme brutality for which the Zionist enemy mobilized all its special forces and used the deadliest and most destructive internationally prohibited weapons to massacre innocent civilians.

Sheikh Utabush added that the Zionists committed the most heinous crimes in Gaza for more than a month and a half, but they did not achieve any of their goals and could not destroy the resistance. The occupying regime could not even release the Zionist prisoners by force and did not have the power to protect its settlements against resistance missiles; Rockets that reached the heart of Tel Aviv. The resistance forced the enemy to retreat from all the demands and goals he had in mind at the beginning of the aggression against Gaza.

The resistance imposed its will on the Zionist enemy

He continued, the occupying enemy had said that he did not want a ceasefire or a humanitarian ceasefire, but he had to agree to the ceasefire against his will. The Zionist regime also said that it would not negotiate about the prisoners, but it was forced to negotiate. The Zionists also said that they wanted to destroy Hamas, but they were forced to negotiate with Hamas for the exchange of prisoners, and this means that the resistance finally imposed its will on the enemy, and it was proven that the Zionist prisoners will be released only if the Palestinian prisoners are released. This was a great achievement that the resistance gained during this period of fighting against the Zionist enemy.

The deputy head of Hezbollah’s executive council stated that the occupying regime wanted to not accept the ceasefire until it defeated the resistance and will of the people of Gaza and forced them to leave their land, but it did not succeed. Even if the enemy wants to resume its aggression, the resistance is still powerful and ready to wage a long-term war. It is true that the Zionists have massacred more than 14 thousand Palestinian civilians and destroyed many parts of the Gaza Strip, but they have not been able to destroy the spirit of resistance of the people of Gaza or their will.

In the end, Sheikh Utboush emphasized that the more the Zionists intensify their brutality, the stronger the strength and courage of the resistance will be. Despite the many sufferings that the people of Gaza have suffered as a result of the aggression of the invaders, we are sure that the result of the persistence, patience and resistance of these people will be victory, God willing.

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