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According to the social correspondent of rahnam news agency, the issue of clothing smuggling is one of the biggest problems of clothing manufacturers; These manufacturers have recently announced in a letter to the supreme leader of the revolution that if the current trend continues and there is no serious fight against smuggled clothing, about one million jobs and 100 thousand industrial units are in danger of being closed.

Ahmadreza Radan, goods smuggling,

Ahmadreza Radan, goods smuggling,

It was in August of this year that Sardar Ahmadreza Radan announced in the first economic security police conference that 1402 is a difficult year for goods smugglers and the fight against large-scale economic crimes, especially smuggled goods, in official and unofficial sources in all parts of the country (both organized and large-scale) ) is among the priorities of faraja missions.

First deal with the main branches of smuggling, then the shops

Sardar Radan, in an interview with the social reporter of rahnam news agency, said in response to the letter of the clothing manufacturers: the area of ​​smuggling and dealing with smuggled goods is a chain, which should be paid attention to and the main sources should be identified and dealt with.

He added: After identifying the main source of smuggling, one should go to the places that are fed from the sources.

In response to rahnam reporter’s question about why the police does not deal with the supply of contraband in shops and does not make this issue a priority, the Chief of Police said: If we leave the sources and only take the feeding place (shops), It is not correct because in this case, cases will be filed that may never come to a conclusion.

Sardar Radan said: The police is focusing on the sources so that it can deal with the smuggling category from the root and fundamental, but the fact that the police is focusing on the main branches does not mean that there is no problem with the supply of smuggled goods in the shops and the police does not deal with them.

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