Operation of phase 1 of Imam airport expansion in March 1403 / Bazarpash: Imam Nagin airport will become the ring of aviation industry – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, Mehrdad Bazarpash said at the opening ceremony of Phase 2 of the development of Imam Khomeini Airport, commemorating Basij Week, that today we are here for a good project on the path of the country’s progress. Because the role of this ministry is different for its progress.

He added: Every trip to other countries or air guest who comes to Iran is not an official who does not speak about the capacity of Iran’s corridors.

He clarified: That’s why the grand project of Iran Rah was proposed in the beginning. Iran is the closed transit route of the Islamic Republic in the field of hardware and software.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development emphasized that everything that facilitates transportation in the country has been foreseen in Iran Road and added: We know what we are doing. If things are slow in some places, it is because of lack of resources. We in the government know what we are doing. Now some criticize, it doesn’t matter.

Referring to the plan to reduce flight restrictions in cooperation with the Armed Forces Headquarters, the Minister of Roads and Urban Development said: “The development of the air fleet is on the agenda. The development plan of Imam Khomeini Airport is the biggest plan after the revolution.”

Bazarpash emphasized: “Many projects are on the agenda and are being implemented in all areas of transportation.” The transit corridors of the Islamic Republic of Iran will bring us as much income as oil.

Referring to the use of knowledge base capacity to provide software infrastructure for the Iran-Rah mega project, he said: The development project of Imam Airport with an investment of 2.5 billion euros is a long-standing desire of the people. On the other hand, by March of next year, the capacity of the existing terminal of Imam Airport will reach 10 million people. Salam Terminal is also providing services to people on Hajj trips and pilgrimages with a capacity of 5 million passengers.

Referring to the capacity of 35 million people in the development phase of Imam Airport, the Minister of Roads and Urban Development said: including the capacity of Terminal 1 and Terminal Salam, the capacity of the airport city will increase to 50 million people per year, which is in line with the Iran-Road project.

Although the negotiations with the Chinese company lasted for several months, Bazerpash said: The first phase of the development, worth 500 million dollars, will be put into operation in March of next year.

He also stated that Imam Khomeini Airport will be a beautiful jewel in the ring of the aviation industry and said: We appreciate the establishment with the reputation of Khatam al-Anbia, which paves the way for many projects for the ministry.

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