Major General Bagheri: Basij is a safe and untangling camp for Muslim nations, especially Palestine – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency’s defense group, Major General Mohammad Bagheri, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, congratulated the 44th anniversary of the founding of Basij Mustafafin in a message.

The text of this message is as follows:

in the name of God

Every year, the 5th of December commemorates the “formation of Basij Mustafafin” by the order of the great architect of the revolution and the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini (RA), and it is considered one of the undeniable manifestations of God’s grace and blessings of the Islamic Revolution and a bright turning point in the history of the Islamic homeland.

Today, after 44 years have passed since the Basij sapling was planted, we are witnessing a large and strong tree whose shadowy existence goes beyond the fields of construction, removal of deprivations and deprivations, and successful confrontation with unexpected events and cultural, social and economic problems and dilemmas, with the influence of our thinking and philosophy. Outside of the geography of dear Iran, it has become the safe and untethering base of the Muslim nations of the region, especially the oppressed and resistant nation of Palestine.

The crystallization mobilization is the essence of the movement of the young people of the revolution and those who are fond of upliftment of the homeland to respond to the needs of the revolution, the system and the Islamic homeland with jihadist and revolutionary thinking.

In the historical memory of this land, Basij is a source of good and blessing and valuable services for the honorable and noble nation of Iran, and it will remain forever in the history of the Islamic homeland and will be a strong and worthy force for the emergence and growth of responsible young generations of the society in response to the requirements and requirements of Iran. .

While honoring the memory, name, memory and lofty ideals of the martyrs of Basiji, I congratulate the 44th anniversary of the founding of the “Basij organization of the underprivileged and the 20 million army” to various sections of the Iranian nation, especially the learned and honorable commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the commanders and officials. And Basijians who are honest, sincere, brave and active in this organization; I offer my congratulations and with gratitude for their decisive efforts, I ask the Almighty God for continued success of the Aziz Basij on the way to the realization of a strong Iran.

end of message/+

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