Living with the unpleasant smell of sewage in the city of Quds / see rahnam’s report on the situation in the region and the residents’ complaints + video – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency Qods cityIndiscriminate development of cities, non-compliance with environmental standards, expansion of residential areas and proximity to industrial units is one of the basic challenges of Quds city.

An area where industrial and residential areas are intertwined and there is no clear border between them, and this has caused losses such as the mixing of residential and industrial sewage and this mixture, passing through the city, creates an unfavorable situation for the citizens.

One of these units is a factory for the production of petroleum products, which has caused the residents of this city to complain by emitting an unpleasant smell due to the discharge of part of the sewage. The effluent from the southeast side of this company is apparently colorless, but it has chemical compounds whose pungent and acidic smell can be easily recognized.

One of the citizens who has been living near Mader Square on the southeast side of this company for many years said: This water is probably caused by washing machines, but this output shows that the sewage is incompletely treated and this smell is always present in this area. Whenever people complain, this smell is reduced for a few days, but after a while, the annoying smell comes back in the air with the exit of this sewage.

He added: After this foul-smelling sewage enters the path of the surface water of the street, it is combined with the city sewage channel and its annoying smell multiplies, and it passes through streets such as Naft, Baghi in a private property, Gudarzi Shamal, Shahid Beheshti, Jumori Boulevard and Then it goes to the treatment plant of Zarnan village.

This citizen continued: So far, follow-ups and reminders have been given to this company and the environment has also had an inspection, but during the visit period, the smell does not come out, and it continues again after the days of the visit, and citizens complain about this smell every day.

Another citizen from the residents of Afrasiabi Alley said: The neighbors followed up on this problem several times and a part of the canal was closed, but the place where the output water of this oil company mixes with the urban sewage creates a strong and annoying smell and in the hot season of the year this It smells worse.

Another resident of Maidan Madar said: To deal with this bad smell, we prepared a local report and gave it to the municipality and the council, and they also brought representatives from the oil company and said that this water is not a problem and that it is purified and can be used. But we, who live in this neighborhood, have seen that the color of the water changes in the middle of the night and we cannot open the window of the house because of the bad smell.

He added: Some people wash their cars with this water and we warn them that the ingredients of this water will harm your skin.

Another resident of Naft Street also complained about the unpleasant smell of this sewage and said: This situation has caused us to not allow children to come out of the house and play because it hurts their lungs and breathing.

Another resident of Naft Street said: About 500 families live in this area and most of them are facing diseases caused by this situation, and we have followed up with the authorities many times, but no appropriate and correct action has been taken.

According to this report, the complaints of the citizens in the passage of this canal continued in the same way and despite the many follow-ups that the residents of the areas had, it seems that periodic dredging and closing the surface of some open paths is not the only solution and it is necessary for the authorities to address the issues. The environment and people’s health should be paid more attention, because the health of citizens is in danger when contaminated wastewater enters the water flow path from the side of residential houses.

On the other hand, with the penetration of these contaminated compounds deep into the earth, it has brought the pollution of underground water sources, which is again a threat to the health of the people and the environment of this region.

It should be mentioned that the uncontrolled output of this colorless effluent with a foul smell from a company producing petroleum products has caused people’s suffering for the residents of the region for many years, and it is necessary for the senior managers of the province and city officials to take effective action.


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