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According to rahnam news agency, Mohammad Khazaei, the head of the cinema organization, said at the closing ceremony of the second nationwide festival of free cinema schools: I am happy to be at the closing ceremony of this event. A festival that was closed for many years and perhaps the need to revive it was felt less. I thank all the founders who tried to revive this festival; A festival that can boost production in schools. One of the requests during my trips to the province was to hold the same festival again, during which people liked to see the works and try to improve the works. This festival is a specialized festival and you are the one who can make this event happen in the coming years by following up and practicing. The quality level of the works has also been good. One of the other very good measures was the meeting of school administrators, during which friends expressed their issues and problems, the deputies listened to their words and talked to each other.

The traces of the Zionist lobby are evident in cinema

Referring to the situation in Gaza, he said: Today I was reviewing the story of the pause that happened in the Gaza war and people were visiting the city, and I thought about how well-known artists in the world took a stand against this genocide and did not remain silent. . Of course, after this incident, there were many attacks by the Zionist media against them, and they were fired for the crime of supporting the people of Gaza!

Addressing the Western countries and the Zionists, the head of the Cinema Organization announced: The traces of the Zionist lobby are obvious in the cinema, in the economy of the cinema and in the politics of international festivals. Wherever they feel that the voice of justice is in the interest of the Palestinian nation, they suppress it. You who claim democracy, human rights and freedom of speech, how can you allow anti-human behavior towards the free artists of the world who have sympathized with the Palestinian nation and the people of Gaza!!! The actors were fired. If this space happened in Iran, see what events would happen! Maybe in Iran sometimes problems arise for artists, but the authorities are on their side and such an environment is not created with a small protest.

We were the heirs of a bankrupt cinema

He said: We were the heirs of the Corona era and political currents that destroyed the economy of Iranian cinema. We took over a bankrupt cinema. Many critics came to me and said that we are not involved in production and investment.

Khazaei pointed out: We had to plan for the revival of the cinema and we had to reopen the cinemas. We gave trust and confidence to the investor and brought the audience back to the cinemas. I can claim that Iranian cinema is going through its spring period today. Our policy in the cinema organization is to support cultural, social and thoughtful films. I saw in a review that it was written that the cinema organization has a serious view of comedy cinema.

We take a serious look at all types of cinema

I have to say no, it is not like that, the cinema organization supports all types of cinema according to the social and cultural needs of the country. We should strengthen some types of cinema, especially social cinema, to increase their characteristics and potential for communication and connection with people.

The head of the cinema organization stated: We have the duty to support films on the screen. Currently, there are only three comedy films on the screen, but people have welcomed them and Iqbal’s other works have also been popular. Today, many cinematographers who did not want to produce, got production licenses and you will see their works next year. This situation will improve next year.

He continued: Our goal was to revive Iranian cinema, which was done. We hold an event every month from October. Many movie events were closed due to Corona and political conditions, and we had to plan for them to be revived. The government’s view is to revive the national cinema. Today, there are some comedies on the screen, which I believe have improved their level compared to the works of the 90s and 80s, and you can easily watch them with your family. The trust of families has returned to cinemas, and still, we must look more seriously at the qualitative growth and cultural promotion of cinema products.

He continued: Friends who are critical and study, please look at the issue a little more realistically and deeply.

We inherited the conditions of the post-coronavirus era, when cinemas were almost closed and there was terrible unemployment in the cinema business.

Reviving the cinema economy and building trust was our first priority

According to him, revitalizing the cinema economy, creating trust for investment and production in the private and public sectors in this area, creating relative employment in the context of the economic crisis of cinema was our most important priority in the first step.

The head of the cinema organization noted: It is natural that when the shutters of the cinemas are down and the cinemas are dealing with stagnation and closure, it is impossible to be idealistic.

Reforming and restoring the existing situation and bringing the wheels of production and the box office into circulation was a prerequisite for the cultural priorities of cinema.

He added: Thanks to God, with the efforts and cooperation of government centers, organizations and trades, and with the support of Qataba, the cinema family, the cinema economy has revived.

Our concern is the revival of national-cultural and Islamic cinema

Khazai stated that the production policy of the cinema organization can be seen in the products of the Farabi Cinema Foundation and some collaborative works. And our holy defense will meet the wide acceptance of people and families along with comedy works. Fortunately, we have witnessed these hopeful signs in a number of children’s and youth cinema works and some social works.

He pointed out: If the cinema was not revived and the families did not reconcile with the cinemas, the cultural and social issues around the cinema would not have been raised. With the revival of the cinema economy, social and cultural discourse and its requirements took a serious shape.

Referring to the crises and the complex situation of cinema and the social environment last year, Khazai said: the output of the policies of the cinema organization in the field of production will be revealed in the upcoming and future productions.

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