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In an interview with the social reporter of rahnam news agency, Massoud Darshti stated that currently 2.5 million trips are made daily with the Tehran subway on seven lines, and stated: Tehran subway has 1,181 cars, including 171 train cars (RAM, counting unit It is a train) and considering that more than two decades have passed since the operation of the capital’s subway, more than 35% of the inner-city trains and more than 75% of the line 5 fleet of the Tehran subway have found the need for overhaul (basic repairs).

He said that these days we are looking for the overhaul of subway trains more than ever, and continued: From 1985 to 1999, i.e. in 15 years, 416 subway cars were renovated, but from 1400 to 1402, i.e. in the sixth period of urban management, overhaul The trains became faster and 251 wagons were renovated; Currently, the overhaul of 26 Ram trains is also on the agenda until June of next year.

The Managing Director of Tehran and Suburbs Metro Operation Company pointed out that despite the provision of necessary liquidity in the provision of spare parts for fleet overhaul and modernization, we are facing serious problems due to the lack of confirmation of registration of orders and allocation of foreign currency, and stated: Currently, solving this problem requires help and It requires the help of the Ministry of Silence and the Central Bank, which we hope will speed up and facilitate this process with the support of the government.

He further added: It is expected that by increasing the capacities of the repair shop and by building and completing the terminals, the overhaul, renovation and upgrading of the trains will increase in speed, and by performing the basic repairs on time, the service to the citizens and passengers of the underground city will be more favorable.

He correctly noted: With the gradual arrival of new metro trains, the contract for which was signed in October during the visit of the mayor of Tehran to China, the distance between trains will decrease and the number of daily trips by metro will increase.

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