Football veteran: caution gave more than the work of the national team/ we must take care and support the youth team – rahnam

Mahmoud Kalhor, in an interview with the sports reporter of rahnam news agency, said about the draw of the national team against Uzbekistan: Qalanewi’s students had two different halves against Uzbekistan. The national team played a good game in the first half and scored two goals. In the first half, the players did not allow any answer to the Uzbeks by presenting an offensive game. The special advantage of the national team in the first half compared to Uzbekistan was that our players moved the ball very well from the defense line to other parts of the field, and this caused the opponent to play confused. But in the second half, we gave everything to Uzbekistan, and in this situation, with our national team playing backwards, Uzbekistan came forward and took over the game.

He continued: “Uzbekistan is not a tight-knit team, and if you try to play cautiously against this team, you will face problems.” In the second half, Uzbekistan made the best use of Iran’s cautious game and took possession of the ball and the field, and easily took advantage of the inconsistency of our players in the defense line and the space that was created behind our defenders and made up for the two lost goals. The national team was too cautious in the second half and made us change the victory to a draw. “Amir Ghalenoui” has a good team and our national team has a chance to win the Nations Cup after many years. Of course, we just have to eliminate our weaknesses in the defensive line and the inconsistency between the players.

The football expert of our country added in this context: One of the problems that the national team has faced in the past games is the depth of the defense line and the space behind our defenders. The national team has good pieces in the offensive phase and we don’t need much special work in this area. The technical staff of the national team should work on the fact that our players, especially the two who play on the sides of the field, come back very quickly when they penetrate and come to the aid of the defenders in the opponent’s counterattacks. Of course, we may not be bothered much against our opponents in the group stage, but in the higher stages and against opponents like Korea and Japan, we definitely have to play smarter and more focused.

Regarding the elimination of our country’s junior team from the World Cup with the defeat against Morocco, Keller also clarified: In general, if we want to talk about the performance of the junior team, we must say that they did a very good job and the defeat against Morocco should not make us abandon this team. Our teenagers were a bit tired in this game; The fact that they scored in the last moments of the game is a confirmation of this and shows that our young players did not have the necessary concentration in those minutes due to the pressure of the game and fatigue. We should congratulate “Hossein Abdi” and all his colleagues as well as the players. We must take good care of and support this team.

In the end, he said: Obviously, we will hear much more from these players in the near future. Our technical staff and young players got a passing grade in the World Cup. These players will definitely be the future of our football and the federation and all football people should support them so that we can continue to see them shine in higher ranks and with more experience.

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