Deputy of Basij Operations: We have the ability to deal with any conspiracy / Basij’s ability to reach the stage of deterrence + video – rahnam

Sardar Nusratullah Saif, in an interview with rahnam reporter in Sanandaj, in response to the question, what stage is Basij’s power at today? He stated: Thanks to God, now the power of Basij is at a very high level compared to all eras, so that Basij has reached the power of deterrence and has found the ability to deal with all political, economic, cultural and military conspiracies.

He stated that Basij was introduced as a model to the Islamic world and governments can use this thinking, adding: Basij was chosen as a model to deal with all the conspiracies of the enemies and this model has spread to the whole world.

The deputy of operations of Basij organization stated: Basij’s thinking has found its place in the world and all nations know that only with Basij’s thinking can one stand in front of the enemies.

In response to this question, how do you see the current situation in Kurdistan and the enthusiasm of Basijians in this region? He said: I am very happy to be in the company of comrades and the province of Kahramanparor and Shahidparor of Kurdistan. Today, in Kurdistan, I saw the same spirit, vitality, belief, pride, acceptance of governorship, governorship, and bravery during the Holy Defense period in the existence of the comrades and Basijians of this region in welcoming the Basij week.

Saif appreciated the authority and high morale of Kurdistan’s warriors and Basijians and expressed: the families of the martyrs of this province continue to support the province, the revolution and the system, and with their presence in various scenes, they have given a great support to all counter-revolutions.

While honoring the memory of more than 5,400 martyrs of the Kurdistan region and his comrades, the deputy of the Basij organization said: Kurdistan is a divided body of the Islamic Republic and Lajman (front edge of the battle area) of the Islamic Revolution against all enemies.

Watch the video interview of Sardar Saif with the reporter of rahnam Kurdistan:


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