“Balata” camp; The base of 27,000 Palestinian resistance youths against the occupation of the Zionist regime/exclusive report – rahnam

According to the Arabic site of the rahnam news agency, at the same time as the Zionist regime invaded the Gaza Strip in the past weeks, the West Bank region and the Balata camp, located in the east of Nablus, also witnessed extensive operations by the Zionist military to destroy homes and public places and arrest Palestinian resistance youth. .


This camp, which hosts more than 27,000 Palestinian citizens, has witnessed the cruelty and barbarism of the Zionist regime against Palestinians for more than 7 decades.

During the recent Israeli military attack on Balata camp, in addition to the destruction of houses, a Palestinian youth was martyred and 5 others were injured.

A Palestinian girl living in this camp, whose house was targeted by Israeli soldiers, said in a conversation with rahnam reporter in the West Bank: Zionists attacked this house and arrested my uncle and three cousins ​​and destroyed all the property of the house.

Zionist regime (Israel), Palestine, Al-Aqsa storm, West Bank,

A Palestinian mother complained about the beating of her son by the Zionist soldiers and said: This is our situation at home, we have no security and no peace, they enter our homes every day. They severely beat my son Ammar.

Zionist regime (Israel), Palestine, Al-Aqsa storm, West Bank,

A young Palestinian father, describing the sudden attack of Israeli soldiers on his house, said: As soon as they entered the house, they separated my daughter from my arms and beat her. After beating my daughter “Hosni”, they threatened me and said that we will get to your account as well. They were in such a hurry as if they were doing an important mission.

Zionist regime (Israel), Palestine, Al-Aqsa storm, West Bank,

The clashes of recent days in Balata and Jenin camps between the Palestinian resistance fighters and the Israeli military are in a situation where the youth of the resistance in the West Bank, despite not having the benefit of military weapons, are trying to resist the pressure of Israel’s military actions by carrying out various resistance operations. reduce the people of Gaza and in this way, keep part of the Israeli military forces in the West Bank and prevent them from participating in the Gaza war.

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