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According to the cultural reporter of rahnam News Agency, for more than a decade, television has been moving towards making multiple seasons of its series. Sometimes, the second season of some series is good, but then it encounters problems, the obvious examples of which are the “Capital” and “Chimney” series.

Mohammad Hossein Latifi made “Chimney 1” and later became the “Father” of its second season. He did not want to continue the series and believed that continuations would not go well; The same point that many directors raised later, that if a certain series is going to continue, it is not me.

In the meantime, there have been series that have reached the second and third seasons according to the opinion of the television directors and their assistants; For example, “Engineer’s Boy”, which proved in the fourth series without its original director, if it had not been on the air, maybe it would not have lost the credibility and appeal of the original narratives and liked by the audience.

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But among them there are series that are so popular that their production is on the agenda for the next seasons. such as “Nunkh” and “Zirkhaki”; Of course, a series like “Capital” can always have other seasons because it has this capacity among the fans, but what happened in the sixth season and made it controversial was the weakness of the script and moving away from the originality of the main structure of the main story of this series.

It goes without saying that from the first to the fifth season of this series, the late Khashayar Alvand wrote it and kept its original state; After the failure of the sixth season of “Capital”, mostly the experts mentioned the problem of this season as the lack of a strong script and the loss of the same process of narration in the script.

Also, there were other series that became among the successful TV brands, but failed in the new season; Like “Zir Aseman Shahr”, which was able to present an attractive comedy by narrating the life of different classes of society, but this success was not repeated in the second season.

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A view of “under the city sky”

It experienced many changes among the actors and the lack of popularity of the second season did not prevent Mehran Ghafourian and his colleagues from going to the next season; Because the third season of the series went in front of the camera. In the third season, the cast was completely changed, and this downward trend became a downfall, and there was no more of that attractive and dynamic “underground city”. Although it was later announced that Ghafourian intends to make the fourth season of this series, this idea was never implemented due to reasons such as the death of actors such as Kiyomarth Malek Matiei or Queen of Ranjbar and even the uncoordinated conditions of television.

Mehran Modiri was perhaps more unsuccessful than others in making sequels to his serials, the most obvious example of which is “On the Edge” of TV and “Monster” of the theater, which became “Dracula”. In addition to “huge problems”, he was able to increase his success season by season. While, for example, a series such as “Bachelors” could not be successful in its sequel, which was changed to “Uqb-Bachelors”. Or “Wall to Wall” experienced a fall in the second season with all that success.

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A scene from the series “Child Engineer”

This problem also existed in a space other than comedy; Because “Child Engineer”, “Destiny” and even “Black Intelligence” could not repeat the success of their first season. Of course, this event shows itself more in the show network with “Shaherzad” and “Ashganeh” and even these days with “Zakhmkari”.

“Black Intelligence” is perhaps the best crime-detective TV series, which gained many fans in the same 15 episodes of the first season. This series, which was the result of the cooperation of the police force and Channel 3, mostly dealt with the topics of Internet crimes, pyramid companies and spy tools. The first season of Hossein Yaari, Kikavos Yakideh, and Dariush Asadzadeh was successful in attracting viewers, and this made the second season of the series to be made.

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The directors either don’t stick to keeping the record or they lost their main and central actors and most importantly, they couldn’t follow that strong and attractive script and the originality of their story. Sometimes, some series like “Bitter Coffee” and “Jazeera” left the audience with an unfinished story in the theater. Here, it is necessary for the creators to make preparations for the second season to finish the story that they brought the audience with. Here, most of the discussion is about the rights of the audience, which are rarely paid attention to by the producers in the country’s drama scene. Of course, we saw this point mostly in the theater network.

These days, when the head of Simafilm has announced that the movement to revive successful brands on television is on the agenda, it is a good opportunity that some serials that can have sequels should not be neglected. One of them is definitely the satirical series that lasted. One day, Mehran Maham, the producer of “Khane Be Doosh” and “The Accused Escaped” said that they could have a sequel.

Of course, there are actors in these series who have either died or left TV for some reason. This gap brought the work of “Great Troubles” to a standstill. Despite the fact that the creators were willing and the television wanted, due to the non-providing of Javad Ezzati’s conditions and some other preparations, this series could not have another sequel.

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Also, the two series “Gasal” and “Nabardeh Ranj” whose script and plan were available for making their new season, but it was not possible for some reasons. Alireza Bazarafshan, the director of these two series, told the reporter of rahnam that in 2016, the plan for the second season of “Gasal” was approved. It is interesting to know that apart from the new series “Gasal”, the story of the second season of “Nabarde Ranj” is also available. These actions that the audience has usually continue and can be repeated. But there is no desire to build that model of work anymore. Because the form and nature of policies have changed.

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Bazarafshan also raised this point about the revival of successful television brands: I don’t know if it is possible to make a sequel to some works; In terms of script and composition of actors and agents. Many events are important to be able to make an effective sequence.

It should be seen how television will act in reviving its successful brands? Apart from “Noonkh”, which is currently being filmed and is preparing for Nowruz and Ramadan, is “Zirkhaki” preparing the production preparations and “Capital” is also negotiating? Will it revive other brands or will it go for successful series that have the capacity and potential to be made in other seasons or not?

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