A look at Hezbollah’s achievements in the first phase of the Gaza war; From the practical embodiment of the unity of the fields of resistance to the failure of the American project – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, currently the South Lebanon Front is also affected by the temporary ceasefire that was established in Gaza since Friday morning, but no one can guarantee about the ceasefire in South Lebanon or the absence of large-scale clashes between Hezbollah and the Zionist Army. to give

But what is certain is that the first phase of the resistance conflict with the Zionist enemy during the Gaza war has ended, and if the Zionists resume their aggression after the end of the temporary ceasefire, we will enter the second phase of the war, which may be more severe than the first phase. Officials of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance, including Sheikh Naim Qassem, Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah, have emphasized that the resistance is ready for a long war and if the occupiers want to resume their aggression against Gaza, they will see something from the resistance that they have not seen before.

Even though the 2023 war of resistance against the Zionist invaders has not yet officially ended, it is necessary to take a look at the achievements of the resistance, including the achievements of Lebanon’s Hezbollah in the first stage of confrontation with the enemy.

Hezbollah’s achievements in the first phase of the Gaza war

Examining Hezbollah’s achievements in the first stage of the battle with the Zionist army requires evaluating the goals set by this movement, as well as the measures Hezbollah took to prevent the Israelis from achieving their goals in Gaza. Hezbollah, which declared its full support for this operation a few hours after the start of the al-Aqsa storm operation on October 7, one day later, on October 8, it officially refused to carry out military operations against the positions of the Zionist enemy in support of the people of Gaza and He also announced in response to the Zionists’ aggression in southern Lebanon.

Hizbullah clearly declared that it will not be neutral in this war and Hizbullah fighters have fought the enemy side by side with Palestinian fighters. The developments in the field of Gaza, especially the stand of Hamas, prove that Hezbollah has been successful in realizing its goal of supporting Gaza and reducing the burden of war on the Palestinian people and resistance.

The role of the Lebanese resistance in forcing the Zionists for a ceasefire in Gaza

Hizbollah’s heavy military attacks on the positions of the Israeli army and the Zionist settlements, which caused the Israelis to flee from there and inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy, confused the Zionists and they could not focus on the ground operations in Gaza as they wanted and achieve a real achievement. In this way, it can be said that Hezbollah played a significant role in forcing the Zionist regime to accept the ceasefire; That is in the situation where the political and military leaders of this regime said that there will be no ceasefire before the destruction of Hamas and the release of all Israeli prisoners.

Observers believe that even if Israel wants to resume its attacks against Gaza, it will not have a chance to achieve even one of its declared goals, and we see that it is gradually retreating from these goals.

Hezbollah and the unity of the fields of resistance against the Zionist enemy

The next achievement that Hezbollah has achieved in the Gaza war so far is the practical embodiment of the unity of the resistance areas. Hezbollah’s direct entry into the battlefield against the Zionist enemy was a prelude to the entry of other fronts, including the resistance of Iraq and Yemen; To the extent that none of the American bases in Iraq and Syria were spared from the repeated attacks of the Iraqi resistance. In addition to that, the Ansarullah movement, which directly started the war with the Zionists, surprised everyone with its advanced missile and drone operations, and the seizure of an Israeli ship in the Red Sea was the culmination of the operations of the Yemeni armed forces against the Zionist regime.

Increasing popular popularity of Hezbollah in Lebanon and the region

At the political level, Hezbollah once again proved that it is an influential regional power; So that a large number of senior European officials came to this country after the start of the conflicts in southern Lebanon and asked Hezbollah not to move towards the expansion of the war. This is while the Hizbollah officials responded decisively to the Westerners and emphasized that resistance does not give them any guarantee and if they want to prevent the spread of conflicts, they should stop the aggression of the occupiers against Gaza.

In the context of Hezbollah’s popular position, after mobilizing its forces to defend Lebanon and support the people of Gaza, this party increased its popularity among the Lebanese nation and other nations of the region and all supporters of the Palestinian cause. In a situation where some western parties and mercenaries of the Zionist regime inside Lebanon, such as Samir Geagea and his affiliated parties, were trying to incite the anti-resistance people and claimed that Hezbollah was dragging Lebanon into war, the fighters of Hezbollah in southern Lebanon sacrificed their blood. They proved once again that resistance is the first and main supporter of the Lebanese people against any aggression.

The martyrdom of Abbas Raad, the son of Mohammad Raad, the head of the Hezbollah faction in the Lebanese parliament, showed that Hezbollah officials are honest in their words and actions with the people and do not even hesitate to sacrifice the blood of their children in order to defend the country and the Lebanese people.

The failure of the American-centered project to create a sectarian war in the region

Although the American axis has been trying to create sectarian differences between the Muslims of the region for the past decades and tried to put Hezbollah as a Shia resistance group against the Sunnis; But today we see how the Sunni circles praise the dedication and zeal of the Shiites of Hezbollah to defend the Sunni Muslims of Palestine; That too, in a situation where the big Arab countries could not take a decisive anti-Zionist position even in speech.

Examining the atmosphere of public opinion in Lebanon shows that not only Muslims but also most Christians in this country approve of Hezbollah’s performance in the south. Jabran Bassil, the head of the largest Christian movement in Lebanon, has repeatedly praised the resistance operations in the south and emphasized that Hezbollah fighters bravely respond to the aggression of the Zionist enemy.

In the end, Hizbollah, which has succeeded in imposing its equations against the occupying regime, whether the war in Gaza is stopped at the current stage or continues, will definitely be one of the winning sides, and after that, Israel will face a new set of Hizbollah equations. It is assumed that it did not exist before.

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