4 steps to produce electric cars in the country/ Logical: We do not produce electric cars with “CKD” and “SKD” methods – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, Manouchehr Lagi, regarding how to establish knowledge in the automobile industry, said: There are four stages in this field. In the first stage, attention should be paid to the integration of products (assembly) and component manufacturing.

He added: In the second stage, the design of parts of the products is done in such a way that, for example, a car has a high consumption. Is it possible to design an engine with less consumption and put it on the car? In the third stage, the design of a new product is proposed, and by the way, we have joint designs with global collections, which shows our high capability.

The deputy of transportation industries of the Ministry of Industry stated: In the fourth stage, the automobile industry reaches a level where it has found the ability to design automobile components and can design an independent product. In addition to the domestic market, this independent product also enters international markets.

Logically, he said: knowledge-based is what happens from the third stage onwards, in other words, the first stage is technician-oriented and the second stage is engineering-oriented. Produce research and development. Although you have a partner, you can launch a new product. Therefore, if we want to enter the knowledge base, we must have entered the third stage.

He further added: Currently, the issue of fossil fueled cars is slowly being phased out, and predictions are that by 2050, all countries will switch to electric cars. But it is not just electrification, but cars can exchange information together.

Declaring that in this new horizon, we should not repeat the previous path, he said: In the previous path, we used to receive CKD and make parts, and finally we reached 10-14% added value in the design of components. We reached 50%. Today we have to cross the 50% mark, but how?

The Deputy Minister of Transport Industry of the Ministry of Industry added: We have a series of advantages in the way that in new cars there are technologies that are mainly produced on the basis of electronics and electrical engineering departments in communication systems, information technology and finally the technology of automatic control systems. It has been done, which shows that we have an extremely good ability in this field.

According to logic, since the beginning of the revolution, the most elite people studied in these fields. But because our industries could not attract these people, the engineers went abroad. I myself studied at Sharif University, there were 120 students in our course, but 4 of them remained in Iran. We train good people with a high technical level, but because we do not have the power to attract them, they would be active elsewhere. The important point here is that if we follow the activities of these people in other countries, I see that they have a very sensitive and precise position in advanced countries. So we have a latent talent that we have not used until now. But is this talent worth it alone? no

Declaring that we have never used the advantage of our market, he said: When we have a big market, all countries will definitely pay attention to technology in trade relations. There is a kind of market theory versus technology, and many countries that Industrial fields that advance in a particular field make good use of this theory.

He said: Considering this issue, if we want to go to the car electrification market, we must tell everyone that this is our market, and if you want to provide this market to you, there are other methods of “CKD” “SKDs” doesn’t mean anything, we have to start joint design. You may say that we are embargoed and no one will take care of us, but we have now entered into a series of long-term alliances, including with the BRICS countries, that other discussions of embargoes are very faint. We should go to the countries with which we have long-term relations.

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