Yemen’s Ansarullah: Resistance will remain in Gaza / The enemy has no choice but to accept defeat – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, “Mohammed Abdus Salam”, the spokesman of Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement, announced this Friday after the implementation of the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip that we congratulate the Palestinian people for their stability and standing with the resistance to face the aggressors.

The spokesman of the Ansarullah movement added that the exceptional perseverance of the Palestinian people neutralized the goals of the Zionist enemy and forced them to accept a ceasefire with all the conditions of resistance.

Abdus Salam noted that the enemy did not achieve any of his declared goals in this war.

The spokesperson of the Ansarullah movement stated that the resistance will remain in Gaza, which is headed by Hamas, and the enemy has no choice but to accept its strategic losses.

After the Al-Aqsa storm operation and the heavy defeat of the Zionist regime, the occupying army decided to enter Gaza by land to destroy the infrastructure of Hamas and despite leaving a lot of damage and displaced more than one and a half million people and martyred more than 14 thousand people. So far, it has not been successful in destroying the infrastructure of Hamas and it has suffered a lot of casualties and damages.

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