The Zionist regime’s missile attack on the Zainabiyah area of ​​Damascus/rahnam reporter’s field report from Damascus – rahnam

According to the Arabic website of the rahnam news agency, Damascus was once again the target of rocket attacks by the Zionist regime. On Wednesday, at 15:10 local time, two rockets were fired from the occupied Golan to the “Zinbiya” area in the south of Damascus. The intensity of this attack was such that the south of the Syrian capital shook and the smoke from the explosion rose to the sky.

Zainabiyah region is one of the southern regions of the Syrian capital, where many Shiites live. During the years of the Syrian civil war, the base of many resistance groups was located in this area; However, with the removal of the risk of the military fall of Damascus and the end of the ISIS occupation, an important part of these bases were closed.


Sohaib al-Masri, a famous Syrian field reporter, says: “This time, a part of the southern edge of the Zainabiyah region was targeted by an Israeli missile attack. This was not the first Zionist attack on Zainabiyah; Rather, they have attacked this area in the past. The Israelis think that there are bases of Lebanese Hezbollah forces and Iranian advisers in this area, and the resistance forces are trained and guided here. For this reason, it targets this area many times. Besides that, it should be mentioned the issue of military tensions on the borders of the occupied Golan, which has caused the Zionists to worry.”

Damascus, Syria, Zionist regime (Israel)

According to information published by Syrian military sources, two ground-to-ground missiles were fired from the occupied Golan region towards Zainabiyah, one of which was detected by the Syrian army’s defense system. But the second missile hit around the capital and specifically the southern border of Zainabiyah region.

Moatasem Issa, a political analyst and expert on the grounds and causes of this aggression by the Zionist regime, said: “The Zionist regime has launched a heavy psychological war. They claim that resistance groups from different countries such as Palestine, Lebanon, etc. are present in Damascus and use this as an excuse to invade Syria.”

He further added: “All components of the resistance axis agree that the main and pivotal war has taken place in Gaza.” There is also a complete consensus that the resistance in Gaza can stand against the Zionist regime; without igniting more battle fronts (on the borders of the occupied territories). “The activation of more battle fronts can make Western countries and the international system support the Zionist regime more seriously.”

Damascus, Syria, Zionist regime (Israel)

The Zionist regime had previously warned against the escalation of tension on the borders of Syria and Lebanon. Most of the Zionist settlements in the north of the occupied territories – and especially in the occupied Golan region – have been evacuated, and its residents have left their homes for fear of the military power of the resistance.

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