The murderer of Martyr Hamidreza Al-Daghi was executed / Narrative of the testimony and arrest of the accused – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency from Mashhad, the sentence of retribution for the murderer of martyr Hamidreza Al-Daghi was executed this morning, Friday, December 3, after being approved by the Supreme Court.

Martyr Hamidreza Al-Daghi was severely hit by cold weapons by some youths in one of the city streets of Sabzevar at 21:00 on the 8th of Ardibehesht in order to defend his fellow citizens and he attained the grace of martyrdom.

According to the investigations, it was found that the two defendants in the case have numerous criminal records, and in response to the defense of the young girl by Martyr Al-Daghi, they brutally stabbed her from behind with a cold weapon, and then severely injured the second person from the front, and after committing the crime They run away from the place.

Immediately after this incident, with the order of the court, the criminal team started its investigation and in less than 10 hours, the assailants were identified and arrested on the charge of participation in intentional murder.

After this incident, Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Mohseni Ajei, the head of the judiciary, ordered a decisive investigation into this case.

Referring to the martyrdom of Hamidreza Al-Daghi in Sabzevar, the head of the judiciary said in the meeting of the Supreme Judicial Council on May 18, “This young man with a national zeal and institutionalized culture in the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is our religious and national culture, when oppression and aggression against another person saw, came to the square even at the cost of his life; Therefore, this category needs to be investigated and studied from different dimensions; Also, people’s support for the family of this zealous and selfless young man and honoring him and burying his body magnificently is a very meaningful issue.

Mohseni Ajeei said: “Strict orders have been issued to the Chief Justice of Khorasan Razavi to quickly and decisively deal with the case of the attackers and murderers of Shahida Al-Daghi.”

After the order of the head of the judiciary, on May 21, 13 days after the martyrdom of al-Daghi, the indictment of the accused was issued.

According to the indictment issued, the first-tier accused of this case is charged with being in charge of committing intentional murder and committing intentional wounding with a knife, participating in intentional wounding with a cold weapon, kidnapping, disturbing women, disturbing public order and peace, and pretending to threaten The general public and the accused in the second tier of the case were accused of: assisting in the intentional murder of martyr Hamidreza Al-Daghi, committing intentional wounding with a knife, participating in causing intentional wounding with a knife, demonstrating and threatening with a knife in public, and disturbing public peace and order.

According to the issued indictment, severe punishment was requested for the accused in this case.

After the indictment was issued, this case was carefully examined in the court, and finally a retribution verdict was issued for the first-tier defendant of the case.

After confirming the verdict issued by the Supreme Court of the country, the retribution sentence of this accused was executed this morning in Sabzevar city.

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