The last farewell to the martyr of the defender of the homeland/ Birjundis hugged “Amir Hossein Ebrahimi” + picture – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Birjand, on the eve of the Fatemi period, South Khorasan and the city of Birjand were once again decorated with the perfume of another high-ranking martyr of the defenders of the homeland and took on the atmosphere of Karbala.

Tonight and on the first night of the Fatimiyyah decade, the father, mother, sisters and people of Birjand’s martyr Parvar bid farewell to “Amir Hossein Ebrahimi”, a martyr who defended security from the police officers of Sarbisheh Police Command, in the Shaheed Cave of this city.

Story was the sister of the painful martyr, she has invited people to the wedding party of “Amir Hossein”, the sister who had been watching difficult moments with her brother for 3 months to see his laughter again.

Shahid’s sister wrote: Amir, do you know what happened to my heart? My dear Amir, every single moment is recorded in my mind, we were hand in hand every day, remember, what now? Now I don’t have your hands, I wanted to raise you again, where did you go? How can I say goodbye to you, sister’s love?

“Amirhossein Ebrahimi” Stewarikam was carrying out a mission and fighting illegal fuel and goods smuggling (shots) in Sarbisheh road police station on the 8th of September this year due to the collision of a shot car. He attained the great grace of martyrdom.

The pure body of Martyr Ebrahimi will be buried tomorrow, Saturday, the 4th of December, at eight o’clock in the morning at the place of Abolfazli Birjand, and will rest in Birjand Martyrs’ Gulzar.

According to rahnam, the officials of South Khorasan and the military and law enforcement commanders and the family of this precious martyr were present tonight in the farewell ceremony for this precious martyr.

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