Sediqi: Today, the Al-Aqsa storm is the ideal of the Islamic Revolution – rahnam

According to the political reporter of rahnam News Agency, Ayatollah Seyyed Kazem Sediqi, the preacher of Friday prayers in Tehran, this morning in his Friday prayer sermons, referring to verse 64 of Surah Al-Nasa, said: “The believer is always protected from the harm of the devils with the weapon of piety.” The devils, who are your enemy and your destination, want to prevent you from going towards perfection, growth and progress, dignity, spirituality, knowledge and authority. For this reason, you urgently need to prepare your luggage for the journey and go with a heavy heart. come along

He added: Don’t consider those who plunder riches and riches as a blessing, and sometimes they are the scourge of the rich and the rich, and they will be in the bottom of hell in the hereafter, but the blessing that your world and the hereafter will be prosperous with the light of that blessing. Shad is the blessing of the province.

The preacher of Friday prayers in Tehran said: We are travelers and our destination is God, so we must identify the way to reach God and find a companion. At the same time, we have to find the baggage of the road, because there are dangers and damages in this way that threaten the corridor and we have to identify them.

Referring to the events in Gaza, Ayatollah Siddiqui clarified: During this period of 48 days, Gaza was the scene of resistance, standing, bravery and the emergence of faith in God and God’s promise and all religious values, and the school of jihad and self-sacrifice that started in Iran. and invaded the borders, and today a front called the resistance front was formed, whose breeze has swept all nations today. Today, the Al-Aqsa storm is the ideal of the Islamic revolution.


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