Sardar Fadavi: “Aqsa storm” was a disgraceful defeat for Israel/ 100 countries cried out the oppression of Palestine – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency report from Ahvaz, Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, the deputy commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, in a large gathering of 30,000 Basij fighters from all over the province and city of Ahvaz, stating that the Basij is an unclaimed and inexhaustible group, therefore everything that the Basij and the IRGC do. They worked on it, it has succeeded, he said: Now the western world has more material facilities, but they cannot win the smallest victory on the front of truth, because this is God’s promise that the truth will win in the confrontation between truth and falsehood.

Stating that we must be 100% sure that God will win the truth, he added: For 45 years, the enemies have acted against the Islamic Revolution with all their might, but in the end they did not win. For almost 50 days, the arrogance of the world has been acting against a small group, and in this regard, they have not even spared infants, but they did not achieve their goals; They humiliatingly bombed residential areas from a distance and killed more than 14 thousand people.

This senior military commander reminded that 92 countries of the world demonstrated against the Zionist regime and it is still going on. In fact, nearly 100 countries of the world shouted that the Zionist regime is cruel and Palestine is oppressed.

He stated: The powerful image that the Zionist regime was trying to create was destroyed by an attack and caused a shameful defeat for their image. This was achieved due to the perseverance, patience and resistance of the Palestinians and caused the front of the rights of the oppressed in the world to gain strength.

Referring to the clever assistance of the resistance in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon in helping the Palestinian fighters, Fadavi said: Basij in “Umm al-Qarai” of the Islamic world, i.e. Iran, started this endurance and increased its capabilities to finally spread the thinking of the Islamic Revolution in It spread all over the world.

He asked the Basijians to go to work as much as the Islamic Revolution needs, and in this regard, he had a definite belief that God will complete that work, because these beliefs have advanced and stabilized the Islamic Revolution for 45 years. You should also work hard to reach your goals sooner.

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